New reporting enhancements in the WLD Partner Portal

It’s now very rare that any partner has just one or two sites in their portfolio. Across the seven territories and multiple niches our platform offers, partners are continuously growing their dating businesses to monetise new markets.

To help you further boost your revenues, we have incorporated three additional reports within the Partner Portal to allow you to better use your data. Now you can analyse real time data, and interpret the key metrics within your portfolio, comparing results for a given time frame so that you can isolate areas that need focus and identify new opportunities.

Key Metric report

There are a number of metrics that influence your overall revenue. It’s important to understand and carefully consider each of these when optimising your portfolio and establishing potential areas for growth. The Key Metric report can group data by site, month, network or currency for any given time frame. It covers the following metrics:

  • Full member count: The number of paid subscribers at any one time.

  • Registrations: New members registering to your site or portfolio.

  • Downgrades: Paying members dropping out of the subscription cycle.

  • Initials: The number of first time payments.

  • Re-initials: The number of second time payments.

  • Rebill: The number of recurring payments.

  • Initial, re-initial and rebill cash: Cash from the number of initials, re-initials and rebills.

  • Bolt-ons: The number of additional bolt-on purchases (Bolt-ons are additional mini-benefits that paying members can add to their subscription package. For example; appearing at the top of search results, allowing basic members to read messages from the full paying member, etc.)

  • Credits: The cash earned from the number of credits purchased in a period. (Credits are virtual currency that can be used for SMS alerts or buying virtual gifts.)

  • Refunds and chargebacks: Money debited from your overall revenues, usually associated with the seven day cooling off period.

  • Total cash.

Data can be exported as a CSV file so that you can slice and dice the data in a way that suits you and your style of analysis.

For example, you may want to plot your registrations against initial cash for the past 12 months on a particular site, so you can determine peaks and troughs. From this data, you may then choose to revisit previous strategies that worked well. Alternatively, you could calculate your cash per upgrade over the last six months across mainstream UK sites to see how it’s changed. From this data, you could determine new rate card testing strategies at site level.

Conversion report

This report shows conversion rates for up to seven days on a site, network or currency level for any given time frame. You can quickly determine smaller sites with strong conversions, before digging deeper into which campaigns should be further developed.

The Conversion report identifies major changes in conversion rates across your portfolio, so that you can see when you need to adjust your marketing strategy for an individual site. This means you no longer need to delve into reports for each site individually, as seven day conversion is instead calculated on an aggregated level, allowing you to monitor conversion across your portfolio constantly.

Metric Comparison report

Possibly the most insightful report of the three, the Metric Comparison report compares key metrics within your portfolio for a site, network or currency across any given time frame. With this tool, you can elect real areas of growth, or better analyse areas of concern, so that you can address issues quickly. This report, alongside the conversion report, will highlight areas of growth, allowing you to pinpoint when to start pushing smaller sites up the rankings.

If you’re having a particularly good or bad month, this report shows which sites or metrics are having the biggest impact. For example, your initial cash has dropped in a set period. Look at the Metric Comparison report by site to compare initial cash for the last two weeks vs the previous two weeks; which sites in particular have been affected? After determining this, you can continue to dig deeper. If one site is being affected, look at this site on a more granular level. First look at the number of initials in that period; you may see that this number has actually remained static, therefore, you now know that it’s actually the value of each upgrade that’s changed. Now you can adjust your price points accordingly and start to see the return.

Using these reports in conjunction with one another will allow you to make more informed, educated decisions about your portfolio. The partner team use these reports daily, as should you. Essentially, having access to more data will help you work more efficiently and allow you to grow your dating business faster than ever before.

This is just the first in a line of developments. We’ll be adding to these reports over the coming months so keep liaising with the partner team for the latest updates!

Lauren Barnes, Head of White Label Dating

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