How to use Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking is an essential tool to help you measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You can find this tool on your main dashboard when you log in to the White Label Dating Partner Portal.

The tool allows you to track performance, but most importantly, your ROI and your volume of registrations. By using the tool, you can identify which of your marketing sources are responsible for generating conversions. You can track any source, including Google, Bing, affiliate traffic and ad networks. You can also use this to measure which cross-sell banners are the most effective at driving traffic. This information can help you optimise your campaigns accordingly and improve performance.

You can use White Label Dating Campaign Tracking to manage your campaigns from within Google AdWords. First you need to use the White Label Dating Campaign Tracking tool to review where your traffic is coming from and which ad groups or keywords are most popular. You can then adjust your bidding strategy, placing higher bids on words you deem to be most popular, and lower bids on words that are relevant but may be used less often.

There are three important steps that you need to follow to make sure your campaign is being tracked correctly;

1. You must ensure that any landing page you are driving traffic to has the Campaign Tracking script inserted into the HTML.

2.  You now need to create your unique tracking URL in the campaign URL builder. You can do this by inserting the current URL of your landing page, the traffic source you want to measure, the campaign name and the keyword you’re tracking into the tool.

3. You should then ensure that you use this campaign URL as your destination URL for any campaign you want to track.

By successfully completing the steps above, the partner portal will now be able to tell you where your users have come from and how far they have gone with their initial search.

The main benefits of using Campaign Tracking is that it allows to you track the performance of your marketing campaigns and which methods of acquisition are most effective in driving traffic.

For more information about White Label Dating Campaign Tracking and how to implement it, get in touch with your partner manager today.

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