Gillian’s first impressions

In the latest instalment of first impressions, we introduce Partner Manager, Gillian Weiner, who is the latest addition to the new San Francisco office!

WelcomeAfter two and half years working in music distribution, I desperately wanted to move away from the operational and move into something more interpersonal, where I could build relationships with clients. The problem was that the only thing harder to find than a reasonably priced apartment in San Francisco is a job you think you’ll like. As my hunt reached the 3 month marker, I came across a Craigslist post from a certain White Label Dating who were looking for an account manager. After reading the job spec, I could see straight away that this was what I was looking for, light-years more interesting and exciting than what I was doing. A few weeks down the line and I was the newest recruit at White Label Dating!

As part of my training, I was flown out to the Windsor office to meet the rest of the team and learn a bit more about the business. It was an eye opening experience to see the range of skills among my new colleagues. Everyone I met was so helpful and welcoming. The individuals I shadowed were extremely patient as I tried to gauge exactly what their job was and how it fit in with the bigger picture. Had I been training in a US office, I know I wouldn’t have been as warmly received as I was in Windsor (the cake and beer didn’t hurt either). With a lot more knowledge of White Label Dating, my partners, and the platform, I was eager to get back to our San Francisco office and start making my partners money.

I’ve now been at this vivacious company for almost four months and I am so pleased I replied to that Craigslist post! The work I’m doing is interesting and so diverse in comparison to any of my previous positions. It’s given me the opportunity to meet a number of intelligent, resourceful entrepreneurs from across the US and around the world.

Though our office doesn’t have an Xbox or a foosball table (yet), it’s still awesome to be part of the team in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to helping to grow White Label Dating in the US. Watch this space for more news from us soon!

Gary Taylor, VP North America at White Label Dating®

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