First impressions: Aaron

It’s time to introduce another new face in the Global Personals family. This week, Marketing Assistant, Aaron Holland gives his first impressions of life as Globalite, and the transition from sales to working in a bustling PR team.

AaronHaving spent the past five years of my working life on the phone, cold calling and going into battle with the dreaded gatekeeper, it’s a welcome feeling to finally be doing something that feels right.

I was sitting at my desk on a gloomy November morning, drinking some instant coffee, sat in an uncomfortable chair and I thought to myself “What’s next for me?”.  I always wanted to get into marketing. The mix of creativity and flair with the professionalism I was used to made it seem like the perfect profession for me. I decided to get the ball rolling. There was no harm, right? A quick browse online led me to a very exciting opportunity…

Saving the details, emails were exchanged, interviews were conducted and voilà! A few months later I was the newest member of the Global Personals family, joining as a Marketing Assistant. I was over the moon!

It was a scary feeling coming in for my first day. The quivering child inside me was barely veiled by the confident, chatty guy that was greeting my new colleagues. The duties that came with my role were initially quite daunting too as everything was completely new to me. Luckily my new manager, new team, and everyone else at the company were really helpful, getting me up to speed and helping me to gain confidence.

My new role is very varied, including managing social media platforms, creating blog content, and assisting with events. I also sort through the variety of press enquiries we receive for the 14,000+ sites on the White Label Dating® platform, discussing potential features and interviews.

Something I have really enjoyed being involved with is learning more about our success stories. I was previously very skeptical about that sort of thing, assuming testimonials are usually fabricated by companies to generate more business. How wrong I was! Hearing some of the amazing stories that real people send us about how they’ve found love on our network is inspiring; it really does tug on the old heart strings!

The best thing about it all? I’m not just badgering people on the phone anymore. I am part of a process that is helping people out there find love; what’s better than that? Apart from being Batman.

As well as enjoying the work I do, I have also been blown away by the sense of community at Global Personals. It sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true!

It’s only been three months since the beginning of my new chapter, but I’ve already been made to feel like a key part of the team company as a whole. I’m now looking forward to learning what the world of online dating has to throw at me, hopefully soaking up as much as I can in the process!

As I sit here at my desk, on a beautiful April afternoon, drinking my barista style coffee on what may well be a memory foam chair, I think to myself “This is awesome!”.

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