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With search a diverse online dating portfolio, we love being able to connect like-minded singles through our sites. After all, that’s why we’re in the dating business! Here’s just a small selection of our most recent favourites.

Professional, Free and Single

I am happy to share my experience of Professional, Free and Single with you as this is where I met my partner. We exchanged messages for about a month then met in Cork where he was living. The next morning, Easter Sunday, he had a heart attack in the hotel room. Luckily I was there to assist ( I am a nurse) and got him to hospital where he had a stent fitted. He was in Limerick Hospital for a week and was on his own in Cork! He is from Holland originally and could not fly due to his condition. So, I took him home to Scotland to recuperate. We both knew there was something special between us from the start. Five months later, all is well, he has a job in Glasgow and we are now living together. We are very much in love and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We have found our soul mates in each other.

We have many plans for the future. Thanks to your website we met each other and I saved his life ( his words not mine). Thanks to you and good luck to all other members. IT CAN AND DOES WORK. X

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Mums Date Dads

Mums Date Dads Stefan and I had our first date on 24th May. We went to my favourite coffee shop and just sat and chatted and things clicked instantly. He was charming, funny and we were very relaxed in each others company. It felt as though I had known him for years! He had messaged me first on the website and I thought he was very attractive and also made me laugh. We swapped numbers and began to message all the time.

I couldn’t be happier, and I think I may have found the person that I will spend my life laughing with. We have been on picnics, walks, a trip to London dungeons, spent the day on the beach, wildlife park and also just days in our pyjamas watching batman movies (to name a few)! We have so many memories already and it’s still early days!

Hopefully in the future we will take things further and live together, and who knows… Maybe one day we’ll hear the sound of wedding bells!

I would encourage people who date online to be persistent but also patient. The right person will come along. Always go with your gut instinct… If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. Be open and honest about who you are and what you want from the beginning and then you know where you stand with each other!

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Local Gay Date

Tuesday, 20 August, was the 26 week (six month) anniversary of the first time Paul and I met in person. We had started chatting on the dating site in January, but as both of us were new to internet dating, and fairly shy characters anyway, the chats on the site lasted for several weeks before we plucked up the courage to actually meet.

I think we were both very cautious in our initial chats, being very pleasant and polite, but afraid of saying anything that may put the other person off. The breakthrough came one evening when we were chatting on the site, both having had a couple of glasses of wine. Paul sent me a photo of him in a suit and bow tie, and asked me if I liked his “dickie”! That was the breakthrough that enabled our true personalities and senses of humour to come through. Even then we nearly didn’t meet – on the eve before our first date, my Mum was taken ill and I had to drive down to Somerset to spend time with her. I was sure Paul would see this as cold feet on my part, and an excuse, but he stuck by me. We met two weeks later, and the chemistry was there from the very first time our eyes met in the car park of a lovely country pub in Wombourne that has become our favourite place to eat.

Six months on and we are very much in love and still together. Paul stays at my house several nights a week, as our jobs permit, and we are very much looking forward to a future together. We have just had our first holiday together, a dream of a holiday it was too. A 12 day Mediterranean cruise from Venice to Dubrovnik , around the Greek islands, Naples and Rome. Spending these 12 days together was heaven, and consolidated our relationship even further.

But looking back, we are from such different careers and backgrounds, there is no way in our normal lives that we would ever have met without the site, so thank you, thank you, thank you to your dating site that made our relationship happen!

Adrian and Paul

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We wish all of our couples the happiest of futures together… Fingers crossed those wedding bells do start ringing very soon!

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