Customer Support Team Update w/c 23rd Nov


Hello everyone! We hope you are all well, especially with this horrible weather that has been around! Luckily it didn’t spoil Jessica’s birthday, and it seems to be the birthday month for Support because we also have Kate’s birthday to celebrate this week – Happy Birthday Kate! We are also all very excited to be heading to London on Thursday to see Sister Act on stage – we will let you know how we get on :). Support has been ticking over nicely lately, we are all working hard to give our customers the best experience with us that we can, and it has paid off as we have been receiving lots of good feedback from our members. Thank you for reading and we will see you again next week!

Member Query of the week
The most frequently asked question in the past week was “How to purchase credits”, however as we have already covered this topic, we would like to cover the second highest support query which was regarding notifications.

Due to the nature of our adult sites we give our members (on both networks) the option to turn off their notifications as discretion is something that we allow members to be in charge of.

When a member asks us how to do this we advise them to:
Click on “My Account” at the top of the page then select the “Settings” option down the left hand side of the screen, you are then given the option to select or de-select from the following:

New Local Member:
New Private Message:
New Wink:
New Diary
New Gift:
Occasional E-zine:
Weekly Update:
Members of the Week:
Automated Help:
HTML Emails:

You simply need to remove or add a tick to the boxes situated to right of these options and click on “Update Settings”.

If any members are having any problems changing their notification settings then we are always happy to amend this for them.

Customer Satisfaction rate

Good Feedback
We’re happy to say that we have lots of happy customers this week, below are a couple of members that have written to us with their feedback.

Our first message is from Phil Hatcher “

Phil: “please could you cancel my subscription as I’ve found someone now off your fantastic site and its only taken me a week !!!!
May I thank you for allowing me to find this wonderful girl !!!!!!!”

Another happy customer is George Moodie “

George: I thank you for your speedy and wonderful response time and positive action you and your team has shown. This is what makes being on this site even more special, and because of that personal attention, also.
Thank you very much

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