Cost effective SEO techniques

Whether you’re new to online marketing or you’re an established White Label Dating partner, the concept of achieving a good organic ranking for your new site can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be as time consuming or costly as you may think. Partner Manager, Alex Robertson, tells us more…

shutterstock_148706249Quality is key

There are a number of ways to send a quick influx of traffic to your site for a short term period but to achieve a good return on investment, you should aim to gain a high ranking that is sustainable.
No matter what aspect of your SEO strategy you’re developing, quality should be your main focus. That means taking time to develop your strategy across multiple areas and doing it well; achieving a solid ranking that doesn’t fluctuate won’t happen overnight.

Use rich content

Whether you’re developing on or off page SEO content, it needs to be of a high quality and most importantly, it needs to be relevant. Use keyword rich copy relating to your site and make sure it’s appropriate for your audience. Don’t write copy purely for SEOs sake; there should always be a dual goal such as raising brand awareness. Remember, this doesn’t just have to be written text. Think about incorporating rich content such as images and videos.

Google’s algorithm changes occur more often than most people can keep up with; quality content will keep your site within the top results for the long haul and help you to avoid losing traffic with every update..

Develop an engaged presence on social media channels

Social media marketing is fantastic for branding but it also has strong SEO benefits too. If you choose to use social channels as part of your SEO strategy, it’s essential that you don’t just broadcast content, but that you engage with your online communities too.

Search algorithms take social signals into account as they indicate quality. As a result, unique blog content that has a lot of social shares typically has higher visibility in search engines, which also means higher click-through rates to your site.

Google Authorship

There’s a lot of debate around Google Authorship and whether it continues to have a positive impact on your organic ranking at the moment. However, in it’s basic form, there’s no question that it makes content stand out and often is effective in increasing click-through rates.

If your blog content is of a high quality, adding Google Authorship could give your sites an extra lift in organic traffic Click here to learn how to set up Authorship for your site.

By following these simple steps, your organic ranking should start to increase in no time. For more information about how to boost your search rankings, get in touch with the partner team today.


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