Analytics tools to maximise your marketing strategy

Yesterday, Dave Adams, White Label Dating’s Chief Revenue Officer showed you the best analytics tools you should be using to supercharge your marketing strategy. 

In yesterday’s webinar, Dave discussed analytics tools you should be using to maximise your marketing strategy. Analytics tools are vital for optimising your website’s performance. Not only does this allow you to understand how well your website is performing and monitor campaigns, but it also provides insightful data about your visitors, allowing you to spend more effectively.


Analytics in general, will allow you to minimise wastage, improve customer experience and ultimately generate a greater ROI. When you know which sources of traffic are driving the most value, you can focus your marketing campaigns on the ones that matter.

There is a multitude of free analytical tools that can support you in optimising your business through analytics. These tools, all offer free versions and some on a trial basis. There is no harm in using all of these tools to test which ones work best for your business. 

If you need guidance on how you can start maximising your marketing strategy, get in touch with your account manager or reach out to [email protected] today!


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