A day in the life of the White Label Dating team

A lot of work goes into running a 24 hour dating business. As part of a new series, our team will be sharing their days with you to show you what goes on behind the scenes at White Label Dating® HQ to keep your dating businesses running. Last week, Head of White Label Dating®, Lauren, took to our Facebook page to share snaps of her day! Here’s a more detailed look at what she got up to…


Our July incentive scheme, offered to a selected group of partners, went down a storm! All partners responded really well; it both motivated them and accelerated their growth as they were able to invest more in their dating businesses throughout July. This morning, I’m catching up with our B2B analyst, Brad, to review the performance of partners on the scheme in more detail. They’ve seen some amazing results! We’re now discussing how we can help them sustain this level of growth.


Every week I have a 1-2-1 with each of the partner managers in my team. We have a team of 10 partner managers at White Label Dating and each of them work closely with our partners to help them grow their dating revenues. In our weekly meetings, we touch base to review and further develop their strategies. This also gives me a chance to identify any roadblocks that they’re facing; these issues could be anything from a Google penalty to an issue with a particular traffic source. We work through any difficulties together and resolve them with the necessary resources and contacts. We take a look at key metrics relevant to each partner’s portfolio and dig deeper into these, as well as reviewing the partner manager’s actions for the previous week and their main goals for the week to come. Each member of the team also submits a monthly plan for their top partners to ensure that they’re working towards the same goals as their partners. This ensures that the partnership has a solid direction, which is essential to growing partner revenues and portfolios.


A quick pit stop after an already hectic morning. Luckily we have great facilities, with two coffee machines and every herbal tea you can imagine! There’s also a fridge full of fizzy drinks (for the afternoon lull!) which is also replaced by beer at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. I’m conscious (COO) Steve doesn’t see me having a break for too long or he’ll be cracking the whip!


I work really closely with Project Managers, Ben and Alex, who work tirelessly to enrich our platform with new features and functionality for members and partners alike. There’s also a lot of back-end work that goes on, including enhancements to our payment processing functionality, optimising the speed of the platform and work on the tools that help our members and customer care team communicate seamlessly.

Today we’re discussing verification and the status of related projects. It’s here that we also get our heads together to discuss how best to further enhance the platform.


The great thing about working in an open plan office is that it means we can work really closely with other teams. CRM is really important for boosting site engagement and conversion rates. Our comms team sit right behind the partner team meaning we can get involved in campaigns and offer feedback on creatives regularly.

I’m catching up with Harry Lloyd, who heads up the team today. They’re working on the campaign which will launch our fantastic new feature, the Spotlight Bar! This large scale campaign will run across the whole White Label Dating platform, going to members across all networks and territories. New creative concepts are signed off by senior management before they’re sent. Now we’re set to launch this feature with a bang!


Every fortnight the B2B team have a development update. Alex and Ben, our Project Managers, summarise the product launches from the last fortnight and share details of the next sprints.

We can then notify partners about upcoming changes and new features so that they can incorporate them into their marketing strategies. Today we’re talking about the launch of our new Q&A feature and its initial results.


My last post for the day! Communication is key within our team which is why we meet every week for a huddle. We discuss our accomplishments for the last week and review the next. This is also a time to acknowledge the achievements of each partner manager and share details of partners who have run notable campaigns.

Right now, we’re talking about new reports and strategies to monetise basic members. Huddles are also a forum for the team to debate new ideas for the platform and for partners – they’ve had some fantastic ideas today. That’s it from me for now – thanks for having me!

This is just a small part of the work that Lauren and the partner team do to support our partners. Check out our Facebook page to see all of the photos from Lauren’s day. Be sure to come back next week when Partner Manager, Frazer, will be hijacking our Facebook page!

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