How the over 40s use online dating sites

White Label Dating partner,, recently carried out some research into how the over 40s use online dating sites. Here are some of their key findings, paired with our advice on how to use this information to successfully target this demographic.

“Over 40s are 313% more committed to online dating than the under 40s, making time multiple times a day to log in to their dating site profiles”

With those aged 40+ being more active online, there’s a strong possibility they could have a higher propensity to convert than younger demographics. We’d recommend creating highly targeted sites or campaigns to engage this age group, for example ‘over 50s dating’. Make sure that your landing pages contain relevant imagery that appeals to the demographic you’re targeting, for example, if you have a 40+ dating site then the images that you use on your site should be couples that fit that demographic.

“Over 40s are 127% more likely to have a more detailed profile than the under 40s, however, over 70’s have the most detailed profile rate of all age groups”.

Since we know that the over 40s are more likely to dedicate time to writing a good profile, why not write some blog posts with profile advice that’ll help them perfect their dating profiles? If they’re willing to spend time on creating a complete profile, they’ll be happy to spend a little bit of extra time making sure their profiles stand out from the crowd.  Not only will this engage these users with your brand, but by encouraging them to create rich and detailed profiles, you’ll drive on-site engagement and grow your conversion rates as a result.

“Those within the 40-49 age bracket date for the shortest period. With membership lengths 11% less than the average online dater, the 40 somethings are finding love quicker than all other age groups”.

With the 40+ age group finding love the fastest, you should highlight less long term packages on the payments page, e.g. 3 month subscriptions. Members may be more likely to invest in them. We’d recommend speaking to the Partner team who will be able to help you analyse which specific price point is most effective on your site.

This data also tells us that younger members take longer to find love. You should take advantage of this by tailoring new campaign ideas, social media posts and special offers towards this age demographic to serve as an incentive to improve their profiles and to drive engagement and activity.

To gain a better understanding of the research and to think up some of your own ideas on what to do with the data, view the full post here.


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