4 ways an integrated strategy can boost success

White Label Dating partner, Jonathan Bird, shares advice for implementing an effective integrated strategy.

Gaining high quality traffic is essential to achieving the best return on investment. By taking an integrated approach to your marketing strategy, you should achieve a good mix of strongly-converting traffic.

1. Host offline events

Hosting an event around a book or new app launch is a great way to gain solid backlinks to your sites from credible sources, while growing your brand identity at the same time.

We recently hosted a book launch in collaboration with renowned dating blogger Eve Mayer in to promote her new book. Not only was the event a great opportunity to build deeper relationships with our members (which, let’s face it, helps to keep them coming back!), but it also allowed us to develop strong connections with influencers and reach a whole new audience. In addition, we also achieved coverage across the web. To find out more about the event, read the write-up on Global Dating Insights.

2. Perfect your PPC campaigns

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Facebook, Google or even Twitter’s promoted tweets, one PPC channel will always work best for your site. I’m not a big believer in trial and error, so use the expertise of the White Label Dating partner team to help you hit the ground running.

3. Create clickable social media posts

Social media channels can deliver a high volume of basic members when you use them in the right way. Make sure that every one of your posts is as ‘clickable’ as possible. That means making your content relevant and engaging so that potential members want to click-through to your site.

It’s important to adapt the titles of your content by platform too. We recently created a blog post called ‘4 reasons why serial dating is a bad idea’. We then tested a variety of different titles for this post that we shared on social channels, such as ‘4 HUGE reasons why serial dating is a bad idea’ and ‘Serial dating is RISKY business. Here are 4 reason why’. By adapting the wording by platform, we achieved 5685 social shares, proving the importance of tailoring your content by platform.

4. Give your portfolio a 360 degree review

Every now and again it’s important to take a step back and look at the performance of your entire portfolio. Has your portfolio grown heavily in one niche area but not another? Are other niche sites in your portfolio showing potential? Look at your landing pages and cross-sell campaigns too, and let new ideas flow onto a blank piece of paper. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

More than anything, it’s important to work closely with the partner team and to use their feedback to grow your revenue.

Jonathan Bird is Managing Director of Singles Warehouse

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