Netiquette for your site’s social media presence

If you’re using social media marketing to reach potential new members, it’s essential that you’re using the right netiquette to protect your reputation and grow your followers. 

Here are our top tips for making the most of social marketing.

Spell check your messages  

With social media sitting at both the top and bottom of the marketing funnel, it’s important to note that these channels are often the last thing potential customers look at on the path to purchase. If customers are comparing sites, something as small as bad grammar or a typo in a tweet could make your brand look unprofessional and untrustworthy. Neglecting to spell-check and proof-read can make all the difference between a potential member bouncing or converting.

Broadcast vs. engagement

If a potential member is following or viewing your social media pages, they’re likely to know you have a dating website, so broadcasting posts like “Check out our site!” will typically yield poor results. Instead of explicitly promoting your site, try to engage with your followers to create value and authenticity. Sharing success stories or having fun with your followers will create a bank of goodwill and generate engagement with new audiences which will increase traffic on your site.

Dealing with complaints

From time-to-time you may find someone complains or speaks about your site in a negative way. This happens to the biggest and best companies out there, but also provides you with a unique opportunity to show how professional your service is.

Take the complaint away from the public arena as quickly as possible by apologising to the customer and asking them to send your their email address via private message, “Hi Ben, sorry to hear that. Can you DM us your email address in order to try and resolve the issue? Thanks.” Once they have replied, forward their complaint and details to your Partner Manager, who will follow this up with a senior customer care team member.

Sporting behaviour to competitors

Whatever your thoughts may be on your competitors’ latest venture or a typo in their tweet, you should never share any derogatory views online. There’s no room for this type of petty behaviour! It makes your site appear unprofessional and, if what you’re saying is untrue, could even be considered libellous.

Keeping the right company on social media

Choose the company you keep on social media channels carefully. For instance, if you represent a Christian dating site then your Twitter followers might not be impressed if they see that you’re following accounts that regularly post adult content. Make sure that every account you follow or associate your brand with is relevant to what you do; the goal is to be social – so look for accounts that post interesting content that you want to share.

Most importantly, know when to take a break

It can be tempting to get constant notifications delivered to your smartphone, but you deserve a break now and again. If you’re having a few beers or about to go to bed, forget Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You’ll be more likely to post nonsense anyway!

If you’d like to learn more best practices for managing your social media strategy, speak to a member of the partner team today.

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