What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Since launching back in 2003, we have worked with literally hundreds of partners. During this time, we’ve gotten to intricately know them and their businesses.

Our partners are a group with extremely varied backgrounds and levels of experience, and yet the most successful high performers all share one common trait; the look in their eyes telling you they are always looking for more.

At, we group our partners into Gold, Silver and Bronze bands based on their potential, marketing resource, level of experience and the prevalence of their brand, amongst other factors. Each partner joins our family in the Bronze band; it’s the equivalent of entry level. The aim of the majority of our partners is to move up into the Gold bracket as soon as possible; it’s the exclusive club where the big guys end up. Partner Conference 2012 Partner Conference 2012

Our job is to work with, monitor, encourage and drive those Bronze partners to succeed and gain entrance to that club. BUT it’s a two way journey. The partner has to want it too. Our partners, like any successful entrepreneur, need drive, determination, enthusiasm, ideas and the will to succeed. Couple that with the ability to take risks and you’re halfway there. Pure hard work makes up the other half.

Whenever we sit in a room with our Gold partners, it’s always pretty evident why they’re there. They make up that rare breed of business people always striving for more and endeavouring to keep on improving their business. Like us, they live and breathe dating. The first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do at night is analyse their performance from the previous day. They know their business model inside out.

Like us they have taken risks, they have spent marketing money based on their gut feeling (often it’s money they don’t actually have!) and it’s paid off… Most of the time. What’s special about our Gold partners is that when they fail, they never give up. They try and try again. They work through problems and come out the other side, stronger and often with a more profitable business as a result.

If I were to shortlist all of things that spring to mind when I think of our most successful partners, whom I have been lucky enough to get to know very well over the past decade, the first words that spring to mind would be:

Driven, motivated, selfish, detailed, resilient, forward thinking, leaders, stubborn and inquisitive.

Of course, not every partner has all of these qualities. We’re always looking for more of them to join us, whether it’s as a core member of the team, or as a partner; we know that there are plenty of could-be dating entrepreneurs out there who have what it to takes to succeed and build a profitable dating business.

We need people to challenge us, to push us to improve our platform and to help us help you.

These successful entrepreneurs have grown their own dating start-ups to create, in some cases, multi-million pound businesses through sheer hard work and determination . Any of you that know us at will know that we like hard work, but we like winners even more.

Steve Pammenter, COO,

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