Venntro makes available first ever exclusive online dating and networking experience for

March 2022, London: announces launch of their first ever exclusive online dating and networking experience to provide a unique online environment for adults with mental health concerns,

Venntro Media Group, the company behind award-winning dating software and the power-source behind thousands of dating and networking sites worldworld,, has partnered with the web’s first and largest dating and friendship site for adults with mental health problems, Venntro has pulled out all of the stops to support the adult mental health community brand to supply an exclusive, stand-alone online environment to its members – something that up to this point has been unavailable via the White Label Dating platform.

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Img 1: website preview. Online dating and support for adults with mental illness.


The Company’s standard technology empowers brands to create market-leading dating and networking experiences online through shared member communities. The sensitive nature of No Longer Lonely meant they required a more bespoke experience allowing them to completely ring-fence their members to ensure they could maintain brand authenticity and keep their members together, away from the rest of the platform whose members did not experience mental health concerns.

This month, Venntro proudly announced the launch of, the first of many partners to take advantage of the Company’s adapted technology to a stand-alone network. The Company successfully extended their tech offering, going above and beyond to supply No Longer Lonely with the environment they required.

The members of No Longer Lonely will see all the features and benefits the White Label Dating platform offers, including video calling, video stories, video profiles and live streaming, whilst engaging and sharing in a truly safe, inclusive environment which remains entirely exclusive to their community. 

James Leftwich, CEO of No Longer Lonely, commented, “It was important for us to work with a partner that understood our community. Our chosen partner would need to provide a bespoke, safe and trusted environment that enabled us to retain the wider community feel of our brand – incorporating friendships and meaningful connections, not just dating – whilst also not mixing our members up with a wider pool, which is standard across all white label dating providers. Venntro was able to offer us exactly what we needed.

“The credible, experienced operator has exceeded all expectations to date and ensured that our members have a separate network that can guarantee our brands authenticity and support our brand’s mission.”

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Ross Williams, CEO of White Label Dating, said:

We’ve used our market-leading technology in an entirely new format. A Venntro first, we are now able to offer stand alone networks which provide an authentic environment for members of communities that wouldn’t work as part of a wider member pool.

“When James approached us, we were unable to offer a stand alone network – something that the No Lonely Lonely required. I’m delighted with how quickly and successfully our team was able to complete this project and offer James the tech he required that was unavailable at the time of request. 

“Venntro exists to give all people the freedom to belong, to connect with others, to share their passions and be accepted in a safe, trusted environment, which is why we are delighted to offer this extension to our services to No Longer Lonely to support them in their mission. We’re excited to offer our new service to many other niche communities following the smooth launch of”

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