New social media tools for marketers

Social media platforms change fast, providing marketers with new opportunities to showcase their creativity and show that they are on top of the latest trends.

Here’s a rundown of the latest social media tools that you should integrate into your social media strategy:

Instagram ‘Boomerang’

Instagram is constantly developing new advertising features to help establish itself as a sales driving platform. Their new video app ‘Boomerang’ offers brands a new tool to connect with consumers by giving them rich content on a platform that is relevant to them. Marketers should make use of this popular content creation tool to show off their brand personality at a very low cost.

‘Boomerang’ allows users to create and then share mini videos via social media. It works by taking a burst of five photos and looping them together into a one-second video to create the ‘Boomerang’ effect.

Unlike most other social apps there is no Boomerang newsfeed. Users have to post and share their videos on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Boomerang content is inherently shareable, so should boost engagement and allow you to catch the eye of potential members by showcasing your creativity.

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Twitter Polls

Twitter has recently launched a new polling feature, that allows members to tweet questions to their followers and track their replies. The feature lets you create your own two-choice poll straight from the compose box. The poll then remains live for 24 hours; anyone can vote on any poll, and how you voted is not shared publicly.

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This is a new way to engage with Twitter’s massive audience and understand exactly what people think about online dating or your site specifically.

Twitter polls are a great new tool for brands to promote their Twitter channels and help make their Twitter content more engaging to their followers.

It also gives you the option to create quick and easy surveys that you could use for potential PR stories. Just remember that our PR team need to sign off press releases before distribution.

Facebook Search

Over a year ago, Facebook changed the way that the search bar worked. Originally used to search for Facebook users, the search bar was transformed into a tool to find out what other users were saying. Facebook indexed everyone’s posts so members could see what their friends were saying about the topic they searched for.

In this new rollout, Facebook have gone one step further and are now indexing the entirety of Facebook’s 2 trillion posts and making them searchable. This means that when you search for something on Facebook you will get results from your timeline, your friends’ timelines and any public posts.

For marketers, this makes hashtagging and keyword usage more relevant than ever. Marketers can now find out what people are talking about in real time, what is trending and things that are happening right now. To gain maximum coverage for your brand, share and comment on relevant news stories and hashtags that are trending to ensure that your brand is visible in Facebook Search and at the forefront of consumers minds.

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