January Reaps Rewards

Everybody knows what it’s like… New Years comes around and people start making those resolutions. more often than not, this includes changing their relationship status – vowing to spend another New Years alone. Not rocket science right? We agree.

However, a quick search on Google Insight for the search term “dating” proves to be quite an eye opener. Over a 3 year period, not only is January a peak month for searches each and every year, it’s uplift is considerable. Records show that January often sees an increase of around 30-35% to the month of December.

Those partners with the most successful sites are those that invest in their online marketing campaigns wisely. The New Year period is certainly a time that our partners should be looking to increase their spend to benefit from the seasonal demand. Investing during this period should see increased traffic to your site(s) and revenue in no time. Perfect!

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