How to find a good freelance designer or developer

A good landing page can make your brand attractive to consumers by giving it personality, highlighting its quality and allowing you to communicate with new visitors. Whilst the post-registration/login area of the site is designed and hosted by White Label Dating, landing page design is the responsibility of the individual partner.

We recommend that you get a customised design. You can use a freelancer to design and build this for you. Sites such as or allow you to post your requirements, then designers and/or developers from all over the world bid for your business. This method can prove very cost effective.

You can also hire a designer and/or developer directly and work with them to build and develop your landing page. Although it may be more expensive you’re likely to see a greater return. They can get to know your brand more, as well as giving you more tailored and customised landing pages that could be higher quality and thus more effective in driving conversions.

When hiring a designer and/or developer, have a look at their portfolio first to get a feel for the quality and style of their work – remember that one project is not enough to judge their style. Make sure you have a clear idea of the messaging and what you would like your page to look like before starting your project, otherwise you could experience delays and waste your budget.

When you have hired the designer, break your project into pieces, starting with wireframes, then a mock up and then a coded version. This way you can give feedback along the way and if you don’t like any of the designs you can change them early on.

It’s important that you continue to test after you’ve created your landing page, always adapting and optimising to ensure that your landing page is driving the maximum number of registrations.

If you’d like some more advice on designing and building a landing page or a list of recommended freelancers, get in touch with your partner manager today.

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