First impressions: Frazer

Frazer is one of the newest recruits to join the team at He shares his first impressions of his role as Partner Manager, and working within our umbrella company, Global Personals.

Finding a new job is never an easy task. Browsing through what seems like a never ending list of “dream jobs”, and speaking to recruiters who have seemingly spent the last 30 seconds skimming through a CV you spent hours tirelessly perfecting, can be exhausting.

After leaving university and throwing myself into the hustle and bustle of city life for the last two years, I was keen to move to a company where there was potential for me to make a real impact, where two days are never the same.

I stumbled upon and the Global Personals team purely by chance, intrigued by what the online dating industry had to offer. The more I researched the company, the more my interest grew and before long I had sent off an application. It’s not often that you find a company with such impressive revenues and sustained year-on-year growth, that manages to maintain such a young and energetic backbone.

I was immediately won over by the company; a games room, breakfast, and a train journey with a choice of seats (a rarity in London), alongside a real team ethos meant that, the moment I walked into the office, it felt like home (however cringeworthy that may be).

If you had told a sports mad 18 year old version of myself that I would be working as a Partner Manager for one of the world’s leading online dating companies, I think it’s fair to say I would have crossed the road to avoid you. However in 2013, it’s clear to see that with over 20 million active members, old online dating stereotypes have been well and truly dismantled. This is actually one of the most exciting and fast-growth industries in the digital marketplace.

The vibrant office has some of the most experienced employees in the industry, all of whom have been eager to share their knowledge, and take the time to answer the countless questions I have inevitably had.

The key eye-opener for me was learning about the sheer size of the market and the amount of responsibility entrusted to you, as a Partner Manager, from a very early stage. There is a real “learn by doing” ethos, which is incredibly refreshing, and has been consistently backed up with support and advice from my fellow team members.

A general day in the office involves an 8.30 start and breakfast, during which I’ll take a look at my emails and analyse how my partners performed on the previous day. I’ll then spend my morning going through campaigns with my partners, to find out what their next goal is and discussing how they can achieve it. My attention then moves to site design, marketing methods, offer coding, and testing – a part of everyday life at Global.

My afternoons are spent on analysis to improve revenues and conversions – we never stop trying to further enhance performance. This all blends in with my new found love of tea, meetings and listening to the ever-necessary radio (of which I am yet to have the privilege to control).

I genuinely believe that the online dating space is one of the most exciting industries of the moment. When I’m out with friends and chat inevitably turns to work, conversation is now a lot more interesting than simply the latest insurance or banking trends; everyone wants to know what’s hot in online dating.

We are currently recruiting for a new Partner Manager to join the team. Take a look at the vacancy listing if you think it could be you. 

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