Google Special: A Guide to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently launched ‘Enhanced Campaigns’, an upgrade to Google AdWords dubbed the first step to improving and simplifying marketing in a multi-device world.

The way that the internet is used has changed dramatically, with consumers now dividing their time across PCs, mobile and tablet devices, rather than desktop exclusively. What’s more, recent research shows that 90% of people now move sequentially between several devices to complete a task. In launching Enhanced Campaigns, Google present marketers with a more simple and effective way of targeting the right audience.

There are 4 key changes that Enhanced Campaigns brings to Google AdWords:

  • All devices can now be targeted with one campaign.
  • Tablet devices are targeted in the same way as desktop.
  • Mobile bids can be fully controlled by users.
  • You can change mobile bids at campaign level.

You no longer need to create separate, individual campaigns for mobile and desktop. Enhanced Campaigns offers a new set of tools that will give you the ability to manage your ads across device, time and location. Within a single campaign, you can now create different ads and extensions to target different users, depending on which device they’re connecting from or what time of day they’re searching.

Google will be rolling out Enhanced Campaigns over the next few weeks, with plans to upgrade all campaigns to the same format later this year. You’ll need to make some changes to your existing account structure in order to take advantage of this new update.

When you make these changes, consider the following:

  • Ensure that you have access to all of your AdWords accounts.
  • Take a look and review the tools available to help you upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns quickly and effectively.
    • You can make changes in AdWords directly, editing campaigns one at a time.
    • You can make changes across multiple campaigns at once in AdWords Editor.
  • If you have mobile-specific campaigns, you could merge them with existing desktop-only campaigns to make the upgrade process easier.
  • Take some time to learn about bid adjustments, a new feature for Enhanced Campaigns.

Google will be holding an exclusive webinar to educate partners on the recent changes, in the up-coming weeks. Watch this space for more information! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Partner Manager if you have any queries.

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager @

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