How To Improve Your Core Web Vital Scores

The exact steps you take to improve your core web vitals depend on your site.

For example, a site that runs on HTML or WIX will be different compared to one that runs on WordPress.

That said, here’s the process you can use to figure out what you need to fix.

First, pop open the Google Search Console and click on “Core Web Vitals”.

Then, take a look at how the pages on your site stack up.

It is important to not totally disregard desktop scores as Google’s mobile-first index means that mobile scores are what really matter. Focus on the mobile improvements first as we have seen dating industry traffic swing in favour of mobile devices as much as 80%.

You want to really zero in on “poor URLs”.

In my opinion, Google is going to punish poor URLs more than boost up good URLs. So you want to prioritize getting your URLs out of the red.

Again, how you tackle this depends a lot on the core web vital that you’re struggling with.

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