Why choose White Label Dating over other dating platforms?

Is it time to look again at White Label Dating?

Whether you’re new to the online dating industry and searching for a low risk investment opportunity, or you’re a seasoned dating affiliate looking for new sites and territories to expand your existing dating portfolio – we believe you should look again at White Label Dating as your platform of choice:

  1. Fastest Return on your Cash
  2. The Highest Revenue Shares in the Industry
  3. Payment Advances to support Aggressive Growth (2)-Sep-22-2022-04-36-50-48-AM

Fastest Return on your Cash

Not only do we offer partners generous long-term shares, we also pay our partners every 14 days.

This means you’ll typically wait just 14 to 28 days between your member upgrading and the day you get cash back in your pocket. We want our partners to be confident that they will always have a solid flow of cash to reinvest in their business.

Our goal is to ensure partners maximise their earning potential to allow for reinvestment and sustainable growth.

The Highest Revenue Shares in the Industry

We operate a fair and transparent revenue sharing model that means it’s in our best interest to actively support your business growth. This model is proven to help partners to achieve considerable, sustainable growth. Partners are able to increase revenues month on month, earning up to 80% net revenue share (as long as you maintain growth).

This is an incredible 23% more revenue than the maximum some competitors can offer – this means our partners can confidently plan their advertising campaigns. Combined with our faster payout of cash, you can be confident that you’ll generate the fastest ROI with WLD.

Payment Advances to support Aggressive Growth

We strongly support and encourage our partners to achieve ambitious growth. Offering partners revenue advances means they’re never short of cash flow when they’re ready to invest heavily in a campaign. These advances mean our partners are able to acquire more registrations, which our award-winning platform converts into paying subscribers. 


To learn more about how we can support your business goals and help you generate consistent, profitable revenues, contact us here.

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