White Label Dating’s 2019 Partner Conference

Last week, we held our 2019 Partner Conference at the Macdonald Hotel in Windsor. The event was a huge success as we provided Partners with a recap of our 2019 projects and how these have paved the way for a number of exciting and pretty impressive product developments to follow in 2020. 

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ross Williams, set the scene by outlining Project Streamline in 2018-19 when went back to it’s entrepreneurial roots and made notable changes to ensure long-term prosperity for WLD Partners. 

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The impact of Project Streamline

Over the past 2 years we invested heavily in payment processing and chargeback management, setting the foundations for future growth. Having a genuine, authentic chargeback rate of below 1% not only results in reduced leakage, but also ensures increased conversion rates for our partners due to an increased acceptance rate resulting from a good bank reputation. 

During the first half of the conference, Ross highlighted the implementation of new technologies to reduce reliance on manual process as well as the process of streamlining partners allowing focus and commitment to long-term sustainability and profitability. Our Co-Founder, Steve Pammenter followed with a detailed overview of the tiered revenue share scheme that was introduced in 2019 to offer long-term high revenue share deals for partners who invest the most in the partnership.

The highlight for me personally was that many of the projects discussed were already in development. I’m excited for 2020″










Insight into the online dating industry

Our Chief Revenue Officer, David Adams, gave insight into the online dating industry landscape speaking in detail about age verification and banking regulations, in particular 3DS2, an incentive to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. 

David also highlighted Google’s core updates, in particular BERT, the major algorithm update intended to strengthen your ad position against less relevant content, before providing comprehensive insight about consolidation and investment being a large part of dating in 2019, with emphasis on Magic Lab and Spark Networks.

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Here’s what’s coming in 2020

After lunch, our Head of Technology, Ian Winter, took to the floor to outline the company’s product roadmap for 2020 and provided insight into what the next year holds for our partners. With advanced tracking capabilities at the forefront, Ian detailed how crucial Postback Tracking for Google has been so far in allowing partners to link lifetime revenues back to marketing campaigns and generate accurate LTV’s. In 2020 we will also be introducing Generic Postback Tracking for a number of other sources to ensure accuracy is consistent for all partners. 

The new reporting tools will complement the projects our Head of Technology went on to disclose – including the most exciting of all – the brand new, fully cloud-based Partner Portal. The new Partner Portal will provide enhanced forecasting and ROI calculations, phone and tablet apps for both iOS and Android devices to provide optimised reporting and full site management on any device, send scheduled and event-triggered reports and alerts, and lots more. IMG_8850

The blueprints of a number of comprehensive product and payment projects were discussed in tandem with those above. These included but were not limited to expansion into the USA and Canada, brand new and improved optimised registration forms, all of which retain GDPR compliance, cascading billing through the integration of additional gateways enabling the market leads to significantly improve the rebill logic and maximise rebill success and not forgetting a new cloud-based messaging experience that will include voice calling and video calling, enabling extensive scalability for our business and our Partners. 

It was interesting, motivating and of course enjoyable. It was a thoroughly welcome return to a strong and open rapport with your partners.








Stay tuned!

We’re excited to keep you updated on how these projects progress over the coming months, as well as report on the success of recently launched projects including the large platform-wide project to automatically generate SEO-friendly content across partner’s sites and revisions to online cancellation with the aim of persuading members to stay on site for longer.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will soon be disclosing the location and confirmed plans for our 2020 European Tour.

Got any questions? Get in touch with your Partner Manager or reach out to [email protected]

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