Where to invest in the US

Now that our business in the US is really taking off – it’s a valuable time to start investing!

Below we’ve provided insight into which niches and territories are seeing the most success and how you should go about communicating with the US market.

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Popular niches in the US

With 50 states of opportunity, it’s important that you understand which niches are most popular so that you can focus on investing in these areas.

Niches that are currently standing out from the crowd are – widower, ginger, military, interracial and curve sites!

Religion and ethnicity sites are also really popular within the US. Within our datacase, the most populated religions are Christian, Catholic, Baptist or Spiritual and the most populated ethnicities are Caucasian/White, Black African and Hispanic/Latino.

Location targeting

The US has lots of states so getting an understanding of their size and population is crucial. Below are the top performing locations for both Casual and Mainstream.

Mainstream – California is one of the most populated states in America and it’s showing a great rate of growth. Texas and New York follow closely behind and are continuing to show healthy volumes and conversion rates – Florida is seeing promising results too!

Other states to take note of are Arizona, Washington, Ohio and Colorado.

Casual – Texas currently has the highest number of converting members out of all the states, closely followed by California.

New York and Pennsylvania are continuing to see great conversion rates and volumes and we’ve also seen promising conversions in New Jersey and Maryland.

Knowing your Americanis(z)ms

When targeting users in different countries or states, it’s really important that you use the same grammar and language that they use.

Use of words – You must make sure that all of the copy on your landing pages, Google ads and social media pages are spelt the American way as supposed to British – a simple mistake to make! For example favourite vs. favorite or colour vs. color.

If you were to launch a dating site aimed for single parents, be sure to use the word ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’. Americans would not be searching for ‘single mums dating’ so it’s important that you tailor your ad copy to match this.

A tool to translate British words to American is Translate British.

Niching capabilities – After thinking about what niches you’d like to set up, you must make sure they’re relevant to the US. For example, dogging may be a popular niche here in the UK but dogging isn’t really a ‘thing’ in the US so it may not be worth investing your time in.

These are just simple ways in which you can tailor your site and copy to reach the US audience – you should make sure that you’re doing this for other territories too!

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