We’ve introduced some new registration forms!

We’ve recently launched a number of new registration forms that have been hugely successful in increasing things such as click through rates, user experience and overall landing page success. Read on to hear more about what you can expect from all of our new forms.

White Label Dating’s Expanded Registration Form

Our expanded reg form shows all signup fields immediately to the user upon page load. This form is a step away from our standard registration form in that all the details required are shown straight away, rather than on multiple steps, the user progresses through the registration process seamlessly.

This expanded view can be impactful when it comes to a mature demographic. Previous research uncovered from tools such as HotJar, that records user activity, we know that mature audiences want to feel safe online and during the registration process. By adding the expanded fields and making the form more visual, we encourage trust and completion of the form that is well-suited to mature users.

We also regularly conduct A/B testing with our partners to test various forms. This form has proven particularly successful in increasing click to registration rates for sites within our mature network.

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 08.38.05

Expanded Registration Form with Captions Outside Of Fields

The second registration form available is not too dissimilar from the registration form above in that it is expanded and shows the user the details required upon page load. The difference with this form is that there are captions outside of the fields to advise the user throughout the process in order to prompt them through each step towards a successful and complete registration.

Upon A/B testing and experimentation, we feel that this registration form would be helpful for a mature demographic as it encourages trust and safety throughout the process. From such research, we understand that mature members prefer to submit their details and review them before completing the full registration process – this expanded form gives them that opportunity to do this and thus, imparts trust and safety while on your site. 

By enlarging the tick boxes we make user accessibility easier and clearer. This will also help to decrease potential registration abandonment rates.
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 08.38.34
2-Step Registration Form

The third registration form available is our 2-step form. You can see from the image below that the first three fields of the form are visible to the user instantly upon load. The steps of the form are identical to all of the other forms, however, the second half of the registration process appears once the first three fields have been correctly completed. 

This registration form uses small green ticks when each section is complete – thus encouraging your traffic to move through the form quickly and seamlessly. Once each section is complete, the Sign Up button turns green as the final encouragement to complete registration successfully.

This form has proven successful in increasing click to registration rates for sites within our mainstream network – we feel that this due to the new visual prompting and ticks within the form. These new elements encourage swift registrations and uncomplicated detail input! Our focus is on user experience, journey and ease – this form ticks all of those boxes for your traffic!Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 08.38.50

Individual Step Registration Form with Radio Buttons

Our individual step form with radio buttons is similar to the previous versions – however, this form utilises what is known as radio buttons when selecting the gender on the first step of the form.
When a user hovers over the gender preferences, the buttons will glow in green. These fields are no longer drop down options but rather buttons instead.

Like the registration forms above, this version focuses on guiding users through the process with visual prompts within the call to action buttons and the final “sign up” completion button. 

By adding this type of animation and positive colour recognition, we have been able to focus the process of clicking through and successful registration completion.

The final step of this form shows the two consent information banners with enlarged tick boxes and the final “Sign Up” call to action clearly to the user. 

This form was designed to encourage swift and complete registrations.

Upon A/B testing, we would recommend that this form be tested among the casual network. The feel of this form is excitement and a fast pace.

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 08.40.16

Animated Wizard Registration Form

The final registration form available is very similar to the forms above – the main difference here is that throughout the process, the user will be guided through each stage of the form by our animated registration wizard.  You can see clearly that the user is advised when to add their gender, date of birth and all of the details needed to complete registration successfully.

The use of animation for the calls to action and step by step guidance is proven to increase click to registration rates on sites in the mainstream and adult networks.

The animated registration wizard is there throughout the process and offers positive support such as “Nearly there!”
The user journey is enhanced with this guidance and the form itself feels easier to complete. This will improve landing page success for many sites.

A/B Tests have shown great successes for landing page performance and the animated wizard can be interchanged to portray different images to best suit your sites and network. With this form, the user experience is revitalised and exciting.

Having such a unique take on the registration process and user experience, we have proven that this form helps to increase the click to registration rate for your sites as well as entice curious users to join!

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 08.40.50We are excited to be able to share these new registration forms with all of our Partners! After much testing and trialling, we are confident that click to registration rates, user experience and registration abandonment rates will be better for your sites with the use of these new registration forms.

In summary, these are the forms available to our Partners:

White Label Dating Expanded Registration Form – great for the mature demographic
Expanded Registration Form with Captions Outside of Fields – brilliant in the mainstream network
2-Step Registration Form – Perfect for mainstream sites, lots of visual prompting
Individual Step Registration Form with Radio Buttons – ideal for the casual network & swift registrations
Animated Wizard Registration Form – great form for all networks with visual elements interchanged to suit the sites needs and themes

If you would like to A/B test any of these forms for any of your sites please contact the Partner Team via [email protected].


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