Visits to the WLD upgrade page have increased by a massive +30%!

Over the last week, the number of visits being recorded on the White Label Dating platform’s upgrade page has increased by a staggering +30%!

upgradepage-twIncreased visits to the upgrade page is fantastic for our partners as it means the volume of members upgrading will increase, meaning more revenue for our partners from the same levels of marketing spend.

These impressive results come as a result of introducing a new and improved email and merchandising process across the platform in recent weeks. 

We’re super impressed with the way our product and customer engagement teams have worked together to optimise the user experience (UX), which has led to the new, sustained increase of 30% more people visiting the upgrade page. We’re excited to see even more optimisations in the coming months.

For more information about our recent optimisations, email us here.

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