Turbocharge your 2022 with WLD – For every £1 generated, we’re giving partners £1.33!

After a fantastic start to 2022, we’re giving our partners the opportunity to double down and earn an incredible 133% net revenue share for all incremental new subscription revenues as part of our  #Turbocharge22 scheme. That’s right – for every £1 generated, we’re giving partners £1.33! Give us £1000, we’ll give you £1333! The sky is the limit


About the Scheme

This year, starting in February 2022, we’re giving our partners the opportunity to earn a very generous 133% net revenue share on all incremental new subscription revenues, as part of our  #Turbocharge22 commission plan. 

To receive 133% revenue share this February, all our partners have to do is grow their average daily revenue coming from new subscribers (Daily Initial Revenue) in February vs their Q4 average last year (October, November & December average) by a third.

You may have noticed, to make this easily achievable this Feb, we’re not including January’s performance in the benchmark. This is due to the natural seasonal uplift that the dating industry sees in January, which results in peaks in incoming revenues. By excluding January we’ve eliminated the only hurdle and our partners are able to push forward for unchallenged business growth.

This means you can use January’s boost along with our #Turbocharge22 scheme to supercharge your portfolio’s growth in 2022.

How long does the scheme last? 

This isn’t just a one month offer!

Partners will continue to receive 133% revenue share by growing their daily average new subscription revenue in March by just 10% (versus February), then again in April by just 5% (versus March).

Our  #Turbocharge22 scheme is designed to get cash back in your hand as soon as possible and allow you to reinvest it to spring forward and achieve the growth you’ve always wanted.

Many of our partners are ALREADY on track to achieve this growth, and therefore a massive 133% net share next month. Apply today and find out if you’re one of them!

What this scheme means for our partners

As online dating’s peak season starts to settle back down towards the end of Feb, we want to be sure our partners continue to generate substantial revenues, so they can continue to profitably invest in their dating portfolios and grow their businesses throughout 2022. That’s why we’re giving back a massive £1.33 for every £1 generated as part of this scheme.

Following the launch of many successful new product features (including Video Profiles, Stories and Video Calling) and with even more coming such as Live Video Content Streaming, there has never been a better time to build and grow an online dating portfolio with us.

Qualifying criteria example

The following is an EXAMPLE – your  own targets will vary based on your Q4 2021 average Daily Initial Revenue.

Net daily average new subscription revenue in Oct, Nov & Dec = £1,000 per day

Net daily February target = £1330 to qualify for a payment  (33% increase in average of Q4)

Net daily March target = £1463 to quality for a payment (10% increase vs February)

Net daily April target = £1536 to quality for a payment  (5% vs March)

Crucially, you don’t have to hit every month to qualify. If you just hit February and March, you’ll still receive 133% for those months!

How to apply

If you would like to join this scheme and amplify your earning potential, please fill out the form below:



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