Preparing your campaigns for Christmas

To help you make the most of the natural increase in traffic over Christmas and the New Year, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you to prepare your seasonal marketing campaigns!

Adjust your advertising spend

During the run up to Christmas, some advertisers may pull back slightly on their marketing efforts to prepare themselves for the post-Christmas rush. Throughout December, be sure to keep a close eye on your ad positioning. Quieter periods don’t necessarily mean that you should decrease your spend, but instead you should optimise your spend correctly.

To maintain the highest converting ad spot for your site, keep an eye on your bids and make sure you adjust them accordingly. If other advertisers are halting their spend, it may be an interesting time to start increasing your spend and seeing the rewards on less competition.

Create seasonal landing pages

First impressions count so make sure you redesign your landing page with a Christmassy theme. By updating your landing pages with festive imagery, text and seasonal humour you are more likely to grab the attention of your users and add credibility to your brand. As a result, this may lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

Create original marketing campaigns

Last year, between December 2015 and January 2016, we saw a 11% increase in registrations and an 10% increase in Initials across all of B2B, proving that users are still active during the festive period. You should continue spending and optimising your campaigns to make sure you’re taking advantage of the natural uplift in traffic.

Though we do suggest you create campaigns that are dating related, think outside the box and considering building a campaign around a popular search term that may not be.

For example, around this time of year lots of people are searching for Christmas gifts ideas so why not create a Google ad around this search term to give your brand more exposure. We’ve come up with an example below:

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?
Why not give the give of love
Join for free and find love now

Create relevant and engaging social media content

Consider adding Christmas themed imagery and content to all of your social media pages. By posting relevant and seasonal content, members are more likely to engage with it. Whilst the run up to Christmas may be a quieter time for users, engagement will begin to increase again as soon as it’s  passed so you should prepare for this influx and create relatable and shareable content.

Optimise your Mobile ads and landing pages

Over Christmas, people typically spend time away from their laptop or desktop computers. Whether your members are spending Christmas with their family or are away on holiday, they will be more likely to be dating on their mobiles.

To ensure that the user experience is as good on Mobile as Desktop, it’s important to ensure your landing pages are optimised for mobile. Google’sMobile-Friendly Test analyses your Mobile site and rank how mobile-friendly your landing page is designed. It will also identify and recommend any changes that will help to improve the mobile experience.

Start to think beyond Christmas

Now is a good time to start thinking about planning and researching your content and marketing strategies for the New Year.

There are lots of fun and dating related ‘national holidays’ coming up during the next couple of months to take advantage of. Here are a few to get you started:

  • National Cuddle Up Day – January 6th 2017
  • National Shower With A Friend Day – February 5th 2017
  • National Pizza Day – Feb 9th 2017
  • Singles Awareness Day – Feb 15th 2017

Consider creating relevant social media content, blog posts and imagery for your site that relate to these dates. This is a great way to engage with your members and to get them talking which could result in an increase in Bolts-Ons purchases and upgrades!

Finally, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!

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