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Is it really October already?? Where has this year gone!? September was an excellent month for you and your site(s), in fact we had some of the best revenue-weeks of the year so big thumbs up for that!

Have a read and see what else has been going on.


Best Revenue EVER!!


We all know how well those over 50’s sites do, they are the busiest daters of all and the past month has been no different. September was the best month for revenue EVER on the Mature Network! Great news for all of you who have mature sites and for those of you that don’t…what are you waiting for!! Get on the phone to your partner account manager today and start setting one up.

It’s not only the mature network that are getting all the action. The week of the 23rd to the 29th September was the best week ever of 2010 in terms of revenue on the general network! So it’s brilliant news all round on the revenue front.

The amount of icebreakers sent also went through the roof during September. Thanks to the icebreaker ‘send limits’ being increased, the amount of messages sent on the general and mature networks came to an amazing total of over 500,000 a day, that’s half a million messages!! Definitely something to shout about!


Meet The Retention Team


Following on from last month’s newsletter, our Retention Team of 2 has now grown rapidly to a team of 6 consisting of;

Danny Lalor

Aman Sidhu

Ross Simpson

Ashley Morris

Kira O’Keeffe

Christina Schillaci

All Retention Representatives have been fully trained to ensure that they are providing a 5 star quality service to all of our members. They also follow a retention script which has been developed and refined to ensure that each and every member makes the most of their time on the site and that the only reason as to why they should be wanting to leave is having found success.

Our current Average Time to Answer is just 1.7 seconds – this maybe due to the fact that the whole team now use headsets which allow them to answer calls at a simple click of a button!

The team’s average call duration is 180 seconds; giving enough time to advise the member on their profile, remind them of all the facilities currently available and how to generally make the most out of their time with us.

If a member has experienced success through our website then the team will ask to send through a picture of the happy couple and a testimonial for us to use – for this, we send the couple some John Lewis vouchers.

Since having ‘call to cancel’ in place we have not only obtained important member feedback, but also seen our termination rate drop by 10%. This just goes to show that having the Retention Team on board to assist and advise our members really is helping!


Protecting Your Members

Online dating was again in the public eye this week when ‘5 Live Investigates’ featured a woman who was scammed £100,000 after falling in love with a dating site user that claimed to be a US Army soldier who was a lone parent but was, in fact, a scammer.

We take scammers very seriously and want to highlight the continued work we do as a company to protect the public, your members from scammers. Along with recent developments to help tackle these issues, we have also introduced a Fraud Team. The team is focused on protecting members against scammers and fake profiles as well as introducing new security checks using systems produced by the in-house web development team. Having a dedicated Fraud Team has meant that the monthly scammer count has dropped by a staggering 165% from February 2010 to July 2010.

Check out the full article on our website to read more information on the steps have taken to protect your members from the scammers out there.


It’s That Time of the Year Again!


It’s October already which can only mean one thing…it’s time for the biggest conference of the year! Last year we kicked off our annual partner conference in style and this year won’t be any different.

This year’s event ‘growing partner revenue by transforming customer experience’ is taking place on October 22nd and 23rd. We will be entertaining our partners with a two-day conference and a fabulous black tie dinner. It will also be where those all important partner awards are going to be announced!

As a dedicated partner, we do hope you can appreciate there are a lot of partners who would like to attend – and unfortunately we can’t have everyone – as much as we would love to! If you have not received an invite for the conference, never fear we will make sure you are updated on the conference developments as if you were there, plus we are planning a series of events throughout the next 12 months, so stay tuned for more info!


See you In November


As always thanks so much for reading and see you next month to fill you in on the next load of exciting updates.

You can keep up to date with the goings on of WLD at our blog, and remember to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates and news.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions regarding anything in this month’s newsletter, or if there’s anything you wish to discuss.

Kindest Regards,

Francesca Heath

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