November Top Tips and Partner of the Month…

After the exciting launch of Cities this month, Senior Partner Manager Lauren Barnes has put together a special edition of ‘top tips’ to help you make the most from this great product. We also reveal who has been crowned’s Partner of the Month. Read on to find out more…



GRAB LOCALISED VERSIONS OF YOUR BRANDS BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES. It’s important to appreciate the sheer scale of Cities across international territories, and that some warrant having their own niched version of your brand. Do be aware that some phrases and keywords that have a meaning in one country won’t necessarily mean the same thing in a different territory. Research the market you wish to target, and if it exists internationally, ensure that your domain name and homepage copy mentions the terms relevant to local users. Speak to your partner manager for further advice.

ENSURE THAT CURRENT LOCATION SITES ARE FULLY NICHED using the new functionality. Currently, this can only be done by your partner manager but we’ll be updating the portal as part of phase 2 to allow partners to make these changes themselves. In the meantime, get in touch to discuss your options and ensure that your site truly reflects your marketing campaign and overall brand values.

UNDERSTAND THE PRODUCT! Don’t just rely on the information from your partner manager or newsletters, login to your site to get a handle on exactly what the Cities project offers to your members in terms of site functionality and overall user experience. This will allow you to ensure that any homepage copy is relevant and essentially you are able to sell your dating brand better with advertising that details the location-rich database. We’re also keen to hear feedback on all platform enhancements so be sure to discuss your thoughts with your partner manager.

Finally, following the hugely successful Partner Conference, log into the partner portal and visit the resources section to download a copy of the presentations so that you’re fully up to speed with’s plans for the next 12 months…




Congratulations to Phil Harris and Tom Fide who are’s Partner of the Month. Since attending the Partner Conference, they have put a huge amount of time, effort and resources into their dating portfolio, registering hundreds of domains to monetise the Cities project and have been preparing for the USA by rolling out an extensive SEO strategy to support their work.

They have also been evaluating their brand designs and advertising campaigns and doing lots of testing. The guys have set the aim that at next year’s Conference, they WILL win a prize! Good work!



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