Mobile UX optimisations have led to significant boosts in member engagement

Members using our partners’ sites on their mobile phones can now start engaging with the platform even sooner than before. We’ve seen increases of up to +118% across the majority of our key, subscription-driving engagement metrics.

What we’ve done

Last week our product team made some pretty exciting user experience (UX) changes for members using our partners’ sites on mobile devices

After a member signs up to a dating site on the White Label Dating platform they have always been prompted to complete their profile and start sending messages. This encourages engagement across the platform and increases the chance of users upgrading.

As part of our recent changes to the mobile UX, we’ve made sure that users can take action and start engaging even sooner than before. Members are able to complete their profiles and send messages faster and more easily

After a thorough review of all on-site engagement prompts, we’ve been able to successfully prioritise all action prompts and ensure those that make the most difference are responded to first. This reduces distraction and gets more people chatting, subscribing and into the billing cycle.

What it means for our partners

Since introducing the mobile UX changes this month, we’ve seen a massive uplift in a number of engagement metrics – the key on-site actions that members take before upgrading to paid subscriptions.

We’ve seen a +118% increase in the number of members introducing themselves to others. These are key, as to unlock the ability to respond to another member’s message, a user must first upgrade to a paid subscription. 

The number of same-day profile text submissions (profile text being added on the same day that members join), has grown by a considerable +95%, with the total number of profile text submissions (those from new registrations, plus members that come back to the site after the day they join) showing increases of +30%!

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 15.20.12 ( copyNot only this, there are +28% more photos being uploaded to the platform on the first day of signup and an +18% uplift in the total number of photos being added.

Profile text and photos are important as it is proven that members with a complete profile will send, and receive, more messages.

As more and more members continue to upgrade as a result of these rather encouraging engagement increases, our partners can expect a greater return on their investment from the same levels of marketing activity.

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 15.20.12 ( copy 2

We’re extremely pleased with the initial results that the recent UX changes have presented. We’re looking forward to seeing these grow further over the coming weeks, and how they continue to contribute to the new, sustained conversion rates which are wowing partners during a period of lockdown lifting and more members feeling confident to meet for dates.


For more information about our recent product enhancements, click here.

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