March engagement campaigns

With National Singles Day, St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day falling in March, we had plenty of engagement campaigns going out last month.

Continue reading to find out how our March campaigns increased member activity on your sites.

Incentive to upload photos for a prize

Between the 10th and 12th of March, we sent out a photo incentive campaign to encourage members to start thinking about updating and/or adding new photos to their profile. For any member that uploaded a photo by the end of the weekend, we offered a 1 month free membership! This successfully increased photo submissions by 22%.

Dating tips for National Singles Day

On National Singles Day, we sent out a campaign to all UK Mainstream members to inspire their online dating experience! We encouraged users to be themselves, send more messages and make the messages they send more personal. There was no specific measurement for this campaign – it simply served as a motivational engagement campaign.

Australian long weekend offer

For the weekend of the 11th March, we offered all Australian networks a discounted membership. The offer contributed to a 6% increase in upgrades and a 29% increase in re-initials.

St Patrick’s Day offer

With St Patrick’s Day taking place in a variety of the territories we operate in, we offered a timely discount to members in these locations. This increased upgrades during this period by 38% and resulted in a huge 102% increase in re-initials!

Prompting users to take advantage of Q&As

On the 23rd March, we sent out a reminder to all Mainstream networks telling them to take advantage of filling out the Q&A section on their profile information. This section is a quick and easy way for users to add personality to their profile and to help them find like minded people! This prompt increased answer submissions by 64%.

With lots of Bank Holidays coming up in May, keep your eyes peeled for what we have planned next month…

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