February Comms round-up

We promised you something special for Valentine’s Day and I think we delivered! Our well-received Valentine’s Day campaigns performed exceptionally well.

The highlight of February’s CRM programme saw us promoting a weekend-long free read and an upgrade offer in one email, This was a new strategy for us, but it actually triggered a more immediate rush in upgrades; if a member sent a message during the free read, they’d want to upgrade to read the response later on. As a result, we saw a large spike in members online during the evening of the 14th.

We were determined to keep the offer as compact as possible – after all, as important as Valentine’s Day is, it’s not the sort of strung-out holiday that you can promote for a week. To sustain the initial surge in upgrades, we sent communications reminding members of the offer over every day of the weekend until the end-date the following Monday. This allowed us to really capitalise on the weekend’s uplift in traffic, achieving as many conversions as possible over the short period of time!

The success of the offer wasn’t solely down to the free read. In the days before Valentine’s Day, we ran themed incentives reminding members about the importance of uploading photos, updating their profile and sending Introduction messages. This meant that site engagement levels were already high even before the new volume of upgraded members logged in, ultimately enriching the user experience for all new members.

Valentines nag

With Valentine’s Day offers short and sweet, there was plenty of time to introduce other discounts before the end of the month. Some experimentation with ‘flash offers’ on certain networks has yielded some interesting results so far, and campaigns targeting lapsed members (those who downgraded) meant more upgrades and even more satisfied singles!

In March, we have a blank canvas. You can expect to see plenty more innovation and fresh ideas bringing in high conversion rates in the weeks ahead!

Matt Harman, Email Marketing Manager at White Label Dating®

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