Upgrade rates on WLD have increased by a MASSIVE +40% versus this time last year!

We’ve reported a HUGE +40% increase in the rate at which verified members are converting to paid subscriptions within days of joining our partners’ dating sites. This record-breaking increase is across our mainstream network.

This makes White Label Dating the de facto choice for anyone who wants to run mainstream dating sites around the world.

Not only has this conversion metric increased by over a third in the past 12 months, the rate has grown by a staggering +26% versus January – traditionally the online dating industry’s peak season. This period of increased activity and upgrades starts on Boxing Day and runs through to February. 

We expect this performance to be sustained for the foreseeable future throughout Christmas and January 2023.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 17.44.507-day Mainstream Conversion Rate

These impressive results are being driven by our own considerable investment into our portfolio of in-house brands which help to drive engagement across the platform for our partners. This precedes a huge international push in the coming weeks. We’re currently investing large sums into our USA network to increase activity in the ever-growing member pool before our partners invest in top performing niches from November. 

These increases in UK and international platform performance mean our partners are achieving a massively increased ROI from their marketing efforts – for no additional spend. All whilst the cost of traffic remains exactly the same. 

Investing with White Label Dating

White Label Dating presents strong and consistent results for partners so they are able to maximise their earning potential and comfortably reinvest to achieve sustainable growth. We pay our partners every 14 days, meaning they’ll typically wait just 14 to 28 days between members upgrading and the day you get cash back in your pocket. 

We’re so confident in the ability of our platform to convert quality dating traffic that we can afford to offer the highest revenue shares in the industry, as well as offer generous payment advances to support aggressive growth. 

Whether you’re new to the online dating industry and searching for a low risk investment opportunity, or you’re a seasoned dating affiliate looking for new sites and territories to expand your existing dating portfolio – we believe White Label Dating should be your platform of choice. Check out our recent article to learn why. 

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