Same-day conversion rate on our partners’ BDSM & Kink sites has grown by +81%!

Since Mid February, we’ve seen a staggering +81% increase in the rate at which members are subscribing to our partners’ BDSM and Kink niche dating sites, on the same day that they join! Yesterday, this niche boasted a +145% increase in registrations versus the same date last month! (also a Monday).

We’re confident that an extremely healthy influx of female content is providing new members with a solid, enriched experience. This includes a +19% increase in female photos being uploaded to this niche daily, versus February.

This lifestyle niche is taking shape as a hub for the kink community, whilst ensuring our partners generate revenue from their campaigns the day they switch them on.Kink and BDSM Niche dating conversion rate

Our Kink & BDSM Niche

Our Kink niche provides a safe, private and secure online environment for open-minded adults of all ages, who are seeking consensual, non-traditional sexual, sensual and intimate relationships with like-minded individuals.

This niche caters to a wide range of non-traditional sexual interests including S&M, domination and submission, erotic roleplaying, fetishism, bondage and erotic forms of discipline.

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