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We hope that you enjoyed the long weekend and the lack of good weather led to increased subscriptions to your sites. What better way to start the wonderful month of June than with the White Label Dating newsletter?


Evolving Platforms

Over the past few weeks, you will have received updates regarding the new features that have been rolled out across the platforms.

We know that there was a lot to digest, so we thought that it might be good to summarise the features below:-

  • Recommended members based on member behaviour
  • Icebreakers
  • Increased moderation – now  manually verifying every profile, photo, video, diary entry and first message
  • Partner training tutorials
  • Revised South African and American networks with bespoke CRM programmes

The impact of these changes can already be seen, with 7 day conversions up 22%, reinitials up 139% and overall conversion up 26%.

We look forward to sharing details of planned future releases shortly.


Improved Approval Times


We recognise how important  reducing approval times are for member satisfaction – after all, when you’ve made the decision to create a profile, or upload a video for example, you don’t want to hang around for it to go live.

The Customer Care Team have been working incredibly hard to minimise these times and we’re delighted to share the current average timings with you:-

Photos: 2 hours

Icebreakers: 1 hour 30 minutes

Profiles: 2 hours

Private messages: 2 hours

Diary entries: 2 hours 30 minutes

Videos: 1 hour 30 minutes

No wonder that terminations in the past month were down by 9.9% on that of the previous month!


The All Seeing Public Eye

In recent months we have seen huge increased interest from the media in many of our partner’s sites and a lot of them have been gaining very significant press coverage in mainstream magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows. Having online dating featured so much in the media continues to normalise the industry, reducing the stigma and ultimately increasing the market for all of your online dating sites.

Our most successful partners are those that realise they need to build a brand rather than just a site. A brand isn’t something that you’re able to build by bidding on Google keywords – it’s about making your brand recognizable and interesting to both your members and those of the media world. You must realise as soon as you have a site live you have put it in a position of public visibility, opening it up for people to both congratulate and criticise.

One great ways to get your site noticed and featured by the media is through conducting online surveys. These provide you with valuable and often entertaining data, which can be used to make “stand out from the crowd” press releases!

Another great way to get noticed is to create or build upon a site that has a topical theme. It might be that you’re targeting toyboys, cougars, divorcees or those looking for affairs. By honing in on a topical subject, any activity that you create to target the press is more likely to get uptake and you’re likely to get more requests for comments given your experience in the field!

If you want to have a chat about your online marketing and PR you can always chat to your partner manager and if needed they can point you in the way of a great PR agency.

Remember any coverage is good coverage, so go get yourselves noticed!


A Event of Royal Excellence


We have a very exciting event coming up for a few select partners in June, we are treating them to a day at the very posh Royal Ascot. They will spend the day placing bets, drinking champagne, eating delicious food and hopefully winning some cash!

The hospitality events that we host, provide us with the opportunity to reward partners showing outstanding performance or potential. These events allow partners to network, share ideas and get to know their team here at White Label Dating a little bit better.

We are really looking forward to the event and will let you know if we have any winners!


Thanks for Reading


Don’t forget that you can receive regular updates on our blog and leave feedback. You can also catch us on Twitter . We want to hear from you to understand what you like about our newsletters and what you think would be useful for the future, so be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

Kindest Regards,

Francesca Heath
Marketing Assistant
[email protected]

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