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Well firstly I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year from all of us at……2010 has arrived! That’s right it’s been 10 years since the big Millennium! How time flies hey!

It’s the start to all those new year resolutions, getting fit, giving up chocolate, finding that special person to share the year with…yep, that’s where you step in! Together we can help all those New Year’s resolutions come true.

Have a read and see what exciting things are coming your way this year.


2010 Partner Workshops

For 2010, we are introducing workshops for a select number of our partners. The aim of the workshops is to give you more in depth details and a better understanding of subjects that we believe will improve the marketing and performance of your site(s).

Workshops include Social Media, Building a Brand, Customer Insight and PPC amongst others. Each of the workshops will be hosted by industry experts, some internal and some sourced for their specialist knowledge and skills. The workshops are scheduled to commence from February and you will be provided with further details towards the time.


What to Expect from our Fabulous Development Team in 2010

We pride ourselves in making sure we always keep you updated with all the latest developments to the platform. With ongoing changes being made, we thought we would give you a little overview of a few things that have recently been introduced and some exciting changes coming your way for the New Year.

We recently introduced email verification for new members joining sites on the platform. As soon as members go through the sign up process, an email will be sent to their inbox with a link which will verify their account. We’re excited by this introduction and look forward to seeing an improvement in the quality of members in the database.

To start January off we have introduced a brand new recommendations and similarities engine. This new recommendations system analyses members’ activities to suggest other members that could be a suitable match. It will also be possible to pick a member and find others similar to him/her, drilling down through the database. The great thing about this is that members may have an idea of their perfect match, but experience from the engine will suggest users based on their actual activity as opposed to what they believe they are looking for. This is the first time that such a technology has been introduced on a dating platform, so we’re very excited to see how it performs.

These are only a few of our new technical updates . We don’t want to spoil the surprise and give everything away! As you can see some very exciting things are yet to come! We will keep you up to date on all of the improvements being made.


More Customer Care Coming Your Way

Our ever committed Support Team is becoming even more focussed in their efforts to assist your members. With an ever growing database of members, the decision has been made to split the Support team between the general and adult networks. This will mean that members are given a much more tailored and targeted level of support… improving their customer service experience.

The whole company is really looking forward to our office move in February. The structure of the business is really going to be able to shine through and we are very excited to see the growth of! We hope you will all be able to pop in and see our new digs at some point!


Make This Year a Good One!


Don’t forget about the 2010 Partner Awards! Why not start this New Year with a great new site design or perhaps try your hand at launching a new sparkly marketing campaign. The awards are not being judged until the end of September, so you have a good few months to start getting your teeth into something!

Here is a quick recap of the categories….

1. Partner of The Year*

2. Biggest UK Revenue Growth*

3. Biggest International Revenue Growth*

4. Most Successful Casual Site

5. Best Converting Site

6. Best Site For Retention & Lowest Churn

7. Best Site For Re-Initials

8. Best Site For Lifetime Value

9. Best Site Design

10. Best Marketing Campaign

Try your hand at one of them and it could be a very good year for you and your site(s), and of course the prizes aren’t to be sniffed at with the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Miami, New York, Las Vagas or Dubai!

Have a chat with your Partner Manager and they will be able to help you plan and produce a great strategy for the New Year. Good luck!!


See You In February


As always thanks so much for reading! Hope you now have a good idea of all the exciting things you have coming your way in 2010.

Let’s work together and make 2010 the best year yet 🙂

Best Wishes

Francesca Heath

[email protected]

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