How we increased engagement in February

With Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl and Pancake Day all taking place last month, it’s safe to say that our communications team have been very busy!

Each month we handpick a few seasonal events and build campaigns around them to drive activity and encourage engagement. Keep reading to find out what we did last month…

Saturday night featured members campaign

Every Saturday, we send a campaign highlighting popular members on the site to drive logins and activity. This month, we redesigned the graphic for members aged under 40 and as a result, we saw a +25% increase in open rates and an impressive +135% increase in click rates!

Driving engagement around the Super Bowl

On 5th February, we sent all US members a campaign encouraging them to log in and play Encounters. The campaign was designed to drive engagement on a day where members are likely to be distracted and highlighted how easy and fun it is to date with features like Encounters!

Profile update challenge

To encourage members to update their profiles, on 12th and 15th February we sent out a fun and engaging campaign to urge members across all networks to up their online dating game. We set members a challenge with four different levels, each one requiring them to update a different section of their profile. By completing all four levels, members would be in with a chance of winning a free one month membership.

The incentive proved to be a fun way to drive engagement and it led to a +35% increase in profile submissions in February.

Driving engagement around Valentine’s Day

A week before Valentine’s Day, we sent all members on the Mainstream network a reminder email with tips on how to make their profile stand out and how to get a date for Valentine’s Day.

Between 10th and 14th of February, we gave all our members who have not yet upgraded their memberships the opportunity to upgrade at a discounted price. The offer contributed to a +20% increase in upgrades during this period and the volume of basic members that took up this offer was the highest since last September’s offer!

To increase activity on Valentine’s Day, we gave our singletons free access to their inboxes between 6pm and 12pm. This free read offer was successful in increasing the number of members online during these hours by +96%!

Reminder about how to stay safe online

To help our members stay safe online, we sent all members on the Mainstream network a safety campaign on 16th February. The campaign shares tips on things to look out for when speaking to new people and what to do if they come across a member who seems ingenuine.

Pancake Day!

To celebrate Pancake Day, we sent members in the UK and Ireland a one day flash offer on Tuesday 28th February. The offer campaign was flippin’ successful and generated a +28% increase in upgrades!

We’re already working hard on this month’s campaigns. Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s update…

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