Optimise your Google Ads are actively working with Partners to overcome the difficulties of getting ads approved and finally being able to outsmart Google.

Ad classification has been a hot topic for digital marketers advertising on Google for a long time, particularly for those promoting a casual dating business. Despite Google’s outlined ‘Adult content policy’ it can be tricky to get landing pages fully compliant in Google’s eyes. Across the online dating industry, promoting casual sites only seems to be getting harder.


What are Google’s ad classifications?

Ad classification is a status given to a Google search advert to indicate which audience the ad and website are appropriate for. Google will review an ad before it has been approved to ensure it complies with its advertising policies. Once reviewed, it will be given a family status, depending on the content. The three family statuses are family safe, non-family safe and adult. 

What are the issues we’re seeing?

It appears that more and more ads, upon being reviewed, are now being classified as ‘Adult’, whereas before they were ‘Non-Family Safe’. This has become a recent concern for Partners because it limits the volume of impressions for the advert. We anticipate that only 15-20% of searches will see ‘Adult’ classified ads unless they have manually changed their browser settings.

‘Adult’ classified ads also limit the ad formats available for marketers to use. For example, dynamic display and dynamic search ads cannot promote adult content.

But what if we could outsmart Google?

Our team are actively working with partners to overcome the difficulties of getting ads approved and finally being able to outsmart Google through the ability to get your search traffic to your casual sites through a high converting cross-registration strategy which is outside of Google’s control. 

We’ve seen huge success for Partners who have significantly increased their Mainstream traffic volumes, implemented cross-sell with optimised banners to grow both their Mainstream and Casual network’s revenues, at the same time as providing enhanced user experience.

There are plenty of opportunities for cross-selling your traffic. Whether you cross-sell your Mainstream sites to our Casual network or to other platforms, you’re able to keep members within your portfolio for longer. 

How you can use cross-sell to promote your casual brands

Cross-sell allows you to monetise your existing non-converting traffic by offering basic members an alternative site within your portfolio. By offering members an alternative option this means there will be an increase in activity across your portfolio, helping to boost the performance of new site launches. This can be a powerful tool for developing your portfolio.

There isn’t a better time to be pushing WLDs Mainstream network offer the strongest Mainstream database and we’re supporting Partners to take advantage of this. With our industry-leading 100% net revenue share offer, paired with impressive, sustained and high conversion rates, there really isn’t a better time to push new and existing Mainstream sites on the WLD platform.

For further information, get in touch with your account manager or reach out to [email protected] today! 

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