How to grow to your brand with social media marketing

Social media channels can help you successfully reach worldwide audiences of all demographics in a highly targeted way, making them the perfect strategic marketing tool.

Here are some essential tips for growing your online dating brands using social media, plus advice on how to monetise your social channels.

1. Blogging

Blogging is essential if you want to drive high quality, targeted traffic to your dating website. All you need to invest is time and it’s a great way to increase the visibility of your dating site. Each time you publish a new blog post that contains relatable and relevant content, you increase your page rank, as search engines look for frequently updated and keyword rich content.

As well as driving more organic traffic to your site, a blog can also help you to develop a sense of community, giving members an opportunity to engage and develop a relationship with your brand and other members. It’s important to build trust in your brand and by growing your own community, you increase the chances of a potential member investing financially in your brand. Research shows that companies who blog just 15 times each month get five times more traffic than companies without a blog.

When it comes to monetisation, you can also generate revenue from your blog by using tools like Google AdSense, which displays Google Ads on your blog in return for revenue.

To help you grow your community, you can also reach out to other bloggers to see if they’ll talk about your dating site for free in return for cross promotion, but more of that later!

2. YouTube

Three billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and there are plenty of opportunities to reach new audiences by creating your own video content.

People buy from people and if they are personally invested in you and your brand, you increase your chances of acquiring and maintaining a quality traffic stream. According to recent research, creating human-interest videos of a person speaking about their product or service can dramatically increase sales.

When you’ve reached a certain amount of views and/or subscribers, you’ll be eligible to become a YouTube Partner. This means Google will pay you based on the amount of clicks and views your videos receive, presenting you with the perfect monetisation strategy. However, it’s worth noting that all videos have to comply with YouTube’s policies before you can monetise them.

3. Twitter

Every successful business should have a Twitter account. Twitter is a very good way to increase brand awareness, provide instant updates and information to your target market, as well as being a powerful outlet to promote your blog content, YouTube videos and of course your dating website.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a great channel for raising brand awareness, with a staggering 75m people using the app every day. The visual content style is great at capturing someone’s attention and consistently reminding them about your brand, driving them back to your site time and time again.

You can also drive engagement further by hosting giveaways or competitions on your Instagram page, asking users to follow your account and upload a picture using a particular hashtag to win a prize. You can also include promo codes in your pictures and feature successful testimonials with pictures of couples that met and found love through your site.

5. Partnerships

Last but not least, working with credible partners across all of your social channels can add value, credibility and trust to your brand. A good example of how a partnership could work would be a collaboration with a popular blogger or YouTuber who represents the market you’re trying to target; e.g. if you’re promoting a single parent niche dating site, you might look to collaborate with a renowned single parent who runs a successful YouTube channel or blog.

Whether it’s a Tweet, shoutout in a vlog or a slot in a video, partnerships can be an excellent way to acquire high quality traffic. If the YouTuber or blogger is reputable, they will hold great influence over their viewer’s decisions, which could lead to a strong conversion rate.

The partnership could work on a CPA model, with you paying them an agreed amount for each conversion, or alternatively you could pay a fixed fee upfront. A great place to recruit YouTubers is FameBit, a tool that allows you to set a budget for the promotion of your dating site – then YouTubers apply to work with you. You can then choose which bloggers align the best with your brand and watch the traffic start flooding in.

And there we have it! For those of you out there who are yet to adopt these acquisition methods, I’d encourage you to give them a go and begin to watch your dating revenues soar.

Whitney Bacon, Partner Manager, White Label Dating®

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