What you need to know about .EU domains and Brexit

What you need to know

Back in May, the Registry for .EU domain names, EURid, issued communication regarding the .EU domains registered by UK and EU entities and residents, for during, and after, the Brexit transition period, until 31st December 2020, unless an extension is agreed. Here’s a reminder of everything you need to know.


Does this apply to you?

This applies to you if you currently run an .EU domain.

  • If you are a UK citizen residing outside of the EU member states you will no longer be eligible to hold a .EU domain name after the end of the transition period.
  • If you are an EU citizen who is residing in the UK, you will remain eligible to hold a .EU domain after the transition period, but you will need to update your registration data to prove your EU citizenship.
  • If you are a UK citizen residing in an EU member state you will also remain eligible to hold a .EU domain after the transition period, but will need to provide proof of your eligibility.

What will happen with your .EU domains?

Since 1st January 2020, the EURid has not allowed any new domains to be registered by or transferred to UK entities or residents, but if you had already registered a .EU domain before this date it will remain eligible until 31st December 2020.

On 1st January 2021 any current .EU domain name registered to a UK registrant and/or resident who has not demonstrated their eligibility, will be withdrawn and subsequently deleted. 

On 1st October 2020, EURid will notify you and your registrar by email advising that eligibility of your .EU domain will be lost as of 1st January 2021 unless you demonstrate compliance with .EU regulatory framework. 

What you need to do

If you believe you are still eligible to maintain your .EU domain you must update your registration data by 31st December 2020. This can be done by any of the below methods:

  • Showing a legally established entity in one of the eligible EU member states
  • Updating your residence to an Union member state
  • Proving their citizenship of a Union member state (even if you’re residing in the UK)

If you are not able to prove your eligibility or do not submit your proof, the EURid will contact you by email again on January 1st 2021 advising that your domain has been withdrawn and that it will no longer function.

What happens to withdrawn domains

If your domain is withdrawn, after 12 months (on 1st January 2022) it will be made available for general registration and your domain may be purchased by somebody else.

To find out more about .EU domains and how to take steps to update your data visit the EUrid website here

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