How to fund growth in 2023!

Get 4% cash back on your spend, 56 days interest free and more…

We’re heading into peak season for the online dating industry! Christmas and January is a time that demand for online dating is at its highest and users have the greatest propensity to pay. To help WLD partners make the most of this seasonal opportunity and maximise spend (with no risk) during this time, we’re sharing two solutions – that we are personally recommending  –  that offer extremely attractive opportunities to delay the cost of acquisition costs and optimise cashflow…



Debite – Superpowered corporate card with built-in instalments and 4% cashback!

Using Debite to pay for your online advertising spend you can earn 4% cashback for the first 3 months on all spend (capped at £1k/month) and pay for the spend in instalments. This means you can delay the cost of the acquisition so you pay for it as you earn your revenue share.

Applying takes just 5 minutes!

Learn more here.


Capital on Tap – Earn 1% cashback with credit limits of up to £250,000 to take your business further!

This is a great solution for partners who want to optimise their cashflow. We have used them ourselves and would recommend them. There are no hidden costs or annual fees. You’ll get interest free periods of up to 56 days.

Sign up here to get £75 when you use the card for your first transaction.

Learn more here.

Don’t forget, with peak season – and a huge natural uplift in traffic – just around the corner, there isn’t a better time to be maximising your revenue opportunities. If you have any questions about the content in the article contact us here.

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