FriendFinder Affiliates offered 100% deal with

Following the latest FriendFinder announcement, is offering all ex-FriendFinder affiliates 100% revenue share for 6 months for those seeking a new dating solution. This includes all recurring revenues in the time-frame plus any additional payments made by acquired members. provides an ‘out of the box’ fully hosted and supported dating solution for webmasters, affiliates and web professionals, looking to power their own dating sites across all English speaking territories.

Partners benefit from multi-award winning dating platform software and an in-house portal that can track leads from registration to conversion, which also provides revenue tracking per lead so lifetime revenues can be determined from specific sources.

Other benefits include a pre-populated member-database, ‘site niching facility’ (allowing partners to tap into specific interests), mobile platform, payment processing, eCRM programme and much more. With the above provided free of charge with no set-up fees, high conversion rates, quick payouts and industry leading LTVs, the partner simply focuses on driving traffic to their site. are also offering the opportunity for those looking to continue as an affiliate of a third party dating site using’s in-house affiliate network, which offers competitive CPL and PPS deals.

Matthew Pitt, Operations Director at, says:

Running your own dating site or portfolio gives greater longer-term value than simply driving traffic to someone else’s brand, especially if problems arise with that business. However, if you wish to continue working as an affiliate, we also have some great dating brands to work with. We look forward to welcoming new partners and affiliates on board and have some very exciting expansion opportunities in the USA available.

If you are interested in joining as a partner or as an affiliate, please contact Chris Georghiou at today and state that you are an ex-FriendFinder:

[email protected]  / +44 (0) 1753 314616

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