Our Easter comms round up

With a four day Bank Holiday weekend falling at the end of Easter, we wanted to make sure that all our members were upgrading, communicating and engaging with each other during this period… and they definitely were as we broke records with our 40% offer!

Keep reading to find out more about our March successes.

Mid-month discount offers

For our mid-month offer in March, we ran it for three days on each network but those days were dependant upon local public holidays, allowing us to make the most out of each territory. This contributed to a 54% increase in upgrades during these dates and a 130% increase in re-initials.

Reminder to use Bolt-Ons

On March 12th, we sent out a reminder to basic members in all networks that they can read all their messages for £2.99 a month (less than 10p a day). This increased Bolt-On sales by 78%.

Let’s play Encounters

Playing Encounters allows members to simply click yes, no or maybe to other members to find themselves a match. It’s an easy way of finding a date and adds a fun element to the user experience. We sent out a reminder to all members encouraging them to play on March 14th which increased matches by 46%.

Prompt to upload new photos

On March 29th, we sent out a reminder to all members to upload a new range of photos before the four day bank holiday. This increased photo submissions by 52% compared to the Wednesday average.

And finally… our Easter offer

Over the Easter weekend, between March 30th and April 2nd, we offered basic members a 40% discount off full membership packages. With pay day and four days off work, this offer saw a HUGE uptake, the biggest we’ve ever seen for a 40% offer. With a 68% increase in upgrades over this period and a 167% increase in re-initials, we were pretty damn chuffed!

We’ll be sure to share with you how our offers and engagement perform next month.

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