Are your paid campaigns set for Christmas?

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Last week we reminded you about the natural uplift in traffic from December 26th until the end of January.  It’s essential that you start preparing your Christmas campaigns now to ensure that you are generating the highest possible returns from your acquisition efforts in the coming weeks.

Here are some more top tips to help you to maximise campaign performance as we enter the industry’s peak season.

Tips for your paid campaigns

You’ll likely be using some sort of paid marketing, whether it be social media or search. These sources can often be competitive and competition can increase over the festive season, which can drive up your average CPC. This is why it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting the best possible return on your investment

Once your ads are live, take a look at the competition – do your ads stand out? Regularly analyse performance, adjust bids (and negative keywords if you’re rolling out a search campaign).  It’s also important to utilise A/B testing so you can see which of your festive messages work the best. 

Here are a few more PPC tips…

Test your campaigns early

Campaigns are almost always the most successful when they are planned well. If you’re trialing something new to help adapt to a Covid Christmas, make sure you test the campaign a week before you plan to turn up your spend. Testing will help you iron out any creases. Check your ad copy, your landing page copy, the signup process, your members area assets – is your logo clear, are the colours clear? You get the gist.

You want to present online daters with polished, valuable dating sites. In a competitive dating market, there’s no room for slack.

Check your maximum budgets

If you know your target CPA (the amount you can afford to spend on each member that upgrades on your site) you should try to bring in as many new members as possible. With a natural uplift in dating traffic and more importantly, traffic that has a high propensity to pay,  you should aim to capture as many subscribers as possible. If you don’t, your competitors will. If you aren’t sure how to calculate your target CPA, get in touch with our Partner team.

Review and revise your maximum bids – this is something we can often forget about when creating new campaigns. You want to be sure that you won’t be capped unexpectedly. Plus, it’s important to bear in mind that over the festive period, ads can typically cost a little more per click, so you’ll need some more budget behind your campaigns. But don’t worry, this will be made back from an increase in upgrades in December and January if your campaigns and landing pages are prepared. 

AdzoomaUse tools to help you

There are many online tools that can help to improve the performance of your campaigns for you. We’d recommend checking out Adzooma – they have a built in opportunity engine and helps you to analyse your account for ways to improve your ads (they also offer some tools for free). Let them do the hard work while you focus on creating new campaigns to get ready for January’s uplift.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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