August comms round up

Last month we saw a fantastic increase in on-site engagement, boosting Initial and Re-initial revenue for WLD Partners.

Continue reading to find out how our August campaigns increased member activity on your sites.

“Kick Start Your Week” prompt

Every Monday we send out a reminder to all members on our Mainstream network encouraging them to make the most of their profile by using the Introduction feature. These prompts resulted in a fantastic +25% increase in Introduction submissions.


40% off

Last month we offered members 40% off of their subscriptions. This was to encourage basic members to sign up for full membership or for previous full members to upgrade their account. These offers resulted in an incredible +57% increase in Re-initials and +40% increase in overall upgrades.


Flash sales 

Last month basic members were offered multiple opportunities to upgrade their accounts with a 50% discount off of their subscriptions. This flash sale offered a discount for that day only and contributed to a +136% increase in re-initials.


Free read opportunity 

Throughout August we had a number of free-read sessions available to members across all territories and on both our Mainstream and Casual networks. This saw a tremendous +265% increase in daily “free first messages” sent and a +12% increase in unique logins. This also resulted in a huge +86% increase in basic members online.


Keep an eye out to see how we engaged with your traffic throughout September!




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