The total number of member logins has grown by +172% since March’s lockdown

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began back on the 16th March , we’ve seen the number of times members have logged into sites on the White Label Dating platform increase by +172%. Our casual niche has seen an impressive uplift of +126% and our mainstream niche has seen an outstanding increase of +237%!

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An uplift in the number of logins to the platform is positively correlated with on-site engagement, which results in more upgrades and in turn higher lifetime returns for our partners. This also means that members are more likely to stick around, which increases retention rates platform wide.

Not only have we seen both mainstream and casual login counts increase, we’ve seen that the rate at which logins uplifted on the mainstream niche was larger than the casual niche

Why is this good for our partners?

Our mainstream niche offers higher subscription values and average transaction values which means  partners can generate higher revenues on these niches. The significant mainstream uplift has come as a result of lockdown activity, with more and more people working from home with less time commuting. People are instead spending more time on their phones and on the web connecting. Lucky for us, this has come in the form on online dating. 

This increase is now further supported by the recent launch of our partners first paid campaigns on their new over 50s sites as new members enter the dating pool and begin to engage.

Over the next few weeks our Customer Engagement team will also be optimising the content that members receive in our niche specific email engagement content with the aim of further boosting the number of members logins and increasing onsite engagement as we enter the peak season for online dating.

If you have any questions about the uplift in member logins since March, please contact our Partner team at [email protected]

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