Members can now add videos to their dating profiles!

After introducing video calling to the White Label Dating platform back in February we soon learned that video content was the pandemic trend that’s here to stay. Members want to be able to share information about themselves, and learn more about others, via authentic video content! 

That’s why we’ve enhanced the White Label Dating platform’s functionality even further by introducing Video Profiles.

What are video profiles?

Video profiles are short videos that users upload, alongside their photos, to enhance their dating profiles and provide more information about themselves. 

Our new ‘video profiles’ feature will allow members to upload unlimited 60 second long videos to their profile, straight from their computer or mobile phone.

Img 1: Members can now upload 60s videos to their dating profiles from mobile or desktop devices. 


Why we launched video profiles

With video content becoming an ever-increasingly sought-after tool for most social networking users, we wanted to make sure that members across our network were able to take advantage of this and utilise video profiles to help them meet their perfect match.

Traditional dating profiles tend to only highlight a user’s most polished photos and can hide their unfiltered personalities. Using video profiles, we’re giving members the opportunity to share their true selves authentically. It’s important that we always help members connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now.

What it means for our partners

If video profiles behave in any way similar to our recent ‘video stories’ feature (which rapidly surpassed one million views shortly after launch), we’re confident that the platform will see considerable increases in engagement and in turn upgrades

Increased engagement is proven to lead to more paying subscribers across our partners sites. This is due to more users upgrading to paid subscriptions to unlock the ability to respond to messages received in response to their video content (videos are great conversation starters). This means our partners will receive a greater return from their campaigns, from the same amount of traffic

For more information about video stories, contact us via email here.

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