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I’ve been working at for a little while now. Although I’m still relatively new in comparison to some of the account management team veterans, it felt like the right time to contribute my first post to the blog! So, here are my first impressions of the company.

When a friend of mine who already worked for informed me of the available Partner Manager position, I jumped at the chance to work for such an established company. When my interview was confirmed, I was honoured to even be considered. This would not just be another job but a career opportunity; to develop my career with one of the world’s leading online dating companies would put me in a very privileged position… You’ll be very pleased to know, I got the job!

Starting at a new company is similar to your first day at school; the desire to learn new skills fills the majority of your thoughts, with the prospect of making new friends and settling in to new surroundings filling in the gaps. Feeling very excited, lucky and slightly nervous, the usual adolescent thoughts sprung to mind: Will I sit by myself at lunch? Will anyone steal my lunch money? Will I tell a joke that I think is one of the funniest things I’ve ever said only to receive confused stares instead of applause? Well, thankfully, none of these things happened. In fact it was quite the opposite.

Everyone was very nice and very helpful, making me feel welcome immediately. There were many things to learn during my first few busy weeks; one of them being that the cereal bars in the kitchen were actually free, despite each individual one having a price tag of 55p. It wasn’t until a colleague pointed this out that I eventually stopped spending my money – £30 down the drain, brilliant!

A day in the life of a Partner Manager at is varied. I spend a lot of time tackling emails, editing and constructing various bits of HTML to help build and/or amend dating sites, catching up with partners, advising on AdWords campaigns, helping partners to develop marketing schemes and supporting social media marketing activity. Each day is different due to the variety of niches and sites that we operate, making this a unique job in a unique company!

Working in such a busy and enthusiastic team means that I now fit comfortably into the elite category of people who enjoy their job. With over 20 million members across a diverse array of dating sites, it’s safe to say that the online dating industry is thriving and will continue to grow and evolve at a substantial rate.

Since my first day at, only one thing has changed; The nerves have gone but I’m still excited about where the company is heading and feel very luck to be a part of it.

Richard Beaumont, Partner Manager @

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