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From the ever-changing world of online dating to the nuts and bolts of mobile, web, and API development, you can find the latest industry news and platform updates here.


Product update: Reducing chargebacks and increasing conversion

Over the past few weeks, our teams have been working to reduce the number of chargebacks your sites receive. They’ve also been putting a lot of energy into increasing conversion rates with a number of new initiatives.
Team Pi
1. Reduce chargeback rates by updating the payment page.

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Final checklist for Bank Holiday optimisation!

Over a Bank Holiday weekend, we typically see a significant uplift in traffic.

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How geotargeting can improve your search rankings

SEO strategist and White Label Dating partner, Lyndon Ogden, shares his tips for improving your SEO strategy. Lyndon operates niche dating sites, including Over40DatingSite.co.uk.

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First impressions: Aaron

It’s time to introduce another new face in the Global Personals family. This week, Marketing Assistant, Aaron Holland gives his first impressions of life as Globalite, and the transition from sales to working in a bustling PR team.

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LeadsCon 2014

Last month, Gary Taylor, Glenn Millar, and Wacek Warszawa represented White Label Dating® in Las Vegas at LeadsCon, the lead generation and direct marketing conference.

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