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Domain name

An essential guide to domains

20th July 2015

Choosing the right brand and domain is important when you set up your first White Label Dating site. If you get the domain right, the opportunities for growth, expansion and higher revenue generation are much wider. When you set up…

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A beginners guide to landing page optimisation

13th July 2015

When it comes to landing page design, there are no real rules. However, there are a few essential elements that you should include if you want to create a high-converting landing page. In our beginners guide to landing page optimisation, we’ll talk you through: What…

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Gay pride flag

Celebrating the gay marriage ruling

10th July 2015

To celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalise Gay marriage in the USA, we’re offering White Label Dating partners a 75% revenue share for three months on all Gay sites launched by 7th August. Why gay dating? Our Gay network is growing…

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