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Taking advantage of bank holiday traffic this weekend

Take advantage of the uplift in traffic this bank holiday weekend, and learn how to use ad networks as a successful traffic source.

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Using ad networks to successfully gain traffic

Ad networks act like a matchmaker between advertisers and those websites wanting to host ads. They enable you to market your dating sites across a high volume of traffic. Here’s our beginner’s guide to making the most of this traffic source.

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Best practice guide for automated posts

Automating your social media accounts can be tricky thing to master but when you get it right, it can be an effective way of growing your community and driving traffic to your site.

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The latest partner advice and news

Learn more about our latest comms campaigns and how you can use cross-selling to monetise your non-converting traffic. Read on for more!

Cross-selling is the practice of creating new niche sites under one brand umbrella.

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Monetise your non-converting traffic with cross-selling

Cross-selling (or cross-registration) is a good way to offer your existing members a targeted alternative site,  giving them a second opportunity to convert while remaining within your portfolio.

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