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November comms round up

6th December 2016

The comms team have had a busy month preparing a variety of campaigns for lots of significant calendar dates throughout November, including Bonfire Night, US Election Day and Thanksgiving. As Christmas approaches, members may be being more careful with their…

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My Single Christian

November’s Partner of the Month

1st December 2016

Congratulations to this month’s Partner of the Month, Adaptation Dating! Phil Harris is a long standing White Label Dating partner who has developed a broad portfolio over the years. He has taken full advantage of the growth in Australia and…

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Understanding your metrics - maximum cost per lead

How to calculate your maximum cost per lead

28th November 2016

To understand how much you can afford to spend to acquire each basic member, you need to understand what your maximum cost per lead (CPL) is. This will allow you to set your bids at an affordable rate and prevent…

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Milan, Italy - December 14, 2013: Facebook, LinkedIn, Klout and Socl Social Network Welcome pages on a lcd screen. The browser is Google Chrome over Apple OSX.

How to improve your Klout Score

23rd November 2016

What is Klout? Klout is a social media analysis tool that ranks its users according to their online social influence, giving individual users a ‘Klout Score’ between 1 and 100. It helps to measure the impact that brands have on…

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