What Will Dating be Like in 2020…

Ever wondered what life will be like in 2020, what it may have in store for you 10 years down the line? Scary thought I know! The past decade has brought us some wonderful things that we wouldn’t dream about living without now! ipods stay attached to our ears most of the time and where would we be without the wonderful world of social networking delivering us the ever growing Twitter and facebook communities! Even YouTube was founded in the noughties! Stylist magazine has had a little look into the future, and with the help of a team of futurologists has come up with some answers.

Along with a with pill that severally curtails your appetite, mine mug size pets and invisible computer commended makeup they also have some answerer’s to what dating will become like in the next decade. Ian Pearson, who has been a full time futurologist since 1991 shared his left field views on what the future holds for dating. Ian explains that there will be serious changes in the way people meet and hook up. He discusses the real world environment merging with virtual computer – generated reality. The theory is that you will wear glasses that basically match-make for you, Pearson explains, “as you walk around town you will wear glasses that generate computer images in front of you. You’ll be able to change what the streets look like, what the buildings look like. A touch of a button will reveal the restaurants, hotels and bars into a nearby area of 3D vision.”

How the glasses work within dating is quite simple, if you are single you are alerted of any single men / women that may walk by, before you even know each other’s name your computer generated glasses would have already broadcasted their facebook information and the computer chips will decide if you are compatible or not. If so it will work out when you are both free and as easy as that, you have a first date set up! How they work to those already attached, again simple, all men or women will simple just appear as objects that you need to avoid bumping into, I guess that cut downs the prospect of cheating, I suppose you wouldn’t be that attracted to a “avoidable object”.

Just walking down the street may be much more exciting in 2020! You might just pop out to the local supermarket to grab your camu camu (a superfood of the next decade apparently) and come back with 3 dates set up for the weekend. All you have to do is pop the glasses on! Let’s just hope they come in an array of different colours so you can colour code them with your outfits!

The article definitely makes some interesting reading. Check it out yourself online at and see what’s in store for you in 2020!

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